How to Easily Download Youtube Videos Without Software, Without IDM besides KeepVid - YouTube is a video sharing website site is very well known. 
YouTube allows anyone to upload, watch, and share videos. Video is distributed by YouTube can also be downloaded for free. Many tools / software used to download videos from youtube one of the most popular is the IDM (Internet Download Manager). 
But for those of you who do not already have IDM software because it has not downloaded or maybe longer online at the cafe that does not have the software, just take it easy this time Fachrureza Share Faisal blog will share How to Download YouTube Videos Without IDM. How to Download YouTube Videos: Visit Select and play videos that you want to download After that, take a look at the address bar, copy all the existing url by way of Right Click and select Copy or also by pressing the Ctrl + C keyboard Paste code has been copied into the box provided below Example: 
Then click Download Will open a new page, 
on the right part is available a variety of formats that can be downloaded from the video.
Click on one of the desired video format, 
After that, a dialog box will appear to download videos. 
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Baking level cakes is something almost every home baker wants to do, but it seems impossible. It becomes an issue the first time someone unrelated to you is going to eat your cake, or when you are baking a cake for an important event like a baby shower or wedding. Even the most uneven cake tastes delicious, but you want your party cake to look nice, too.

The first step to baking level cakes is to ensure that you follow the instructions. Beating the eggs or batter too much or too little can lead to cake disaster. Next, make sure that your oven is at the right temperature. I don't mean check the dial to see that you've set it correctly, I mean you have to use a second thermometer to ensure that your oven is hitting the right temperature. Many ovens heat incorrectly, either too hot or too cold. Be sure to preheat your oven so that the cake goes in at the right temperature, too.

Some cakes need to 'climb' the sides of the pan, others need to have lubrication on the sides to prevent this.

Again, follow the instructions in your cake recipe. There's a reason it says to grease and flour the sides - or not!

Using the right size pan, or the right amount of batter in the pan is crucial, too. The middle will always bake slower, giving the gas bubbles more time to expand before the cake 'sets' around the bubbles. If your pan has too much batter, the difference between the middle and the sides will be more pronounced.

Lastly, and especially important when baking special cakes, and especially larger cakes, there is some equipment that will help you. Even regular sized cake layers benefit from cake baking strips, which insulate the sides of the pan to give the whole cake a chance to heat evenly, which in turn leads to a better chance of baking level cake layers.

There are several kinds of strips available, from silicone to cloth. For larger cakes, you'll want a 'core', which is basically a piece of metal inserted into the middle of the cake batter to speed up the heating of the cake in the middle. In combination with the cake strips, the heating core will lead to the most level cake layers you can get.

As you can see, there is no mystery to making an even cake - the right temperature, the right recipe, and the right equipment will have you baking level cakes like a professional.

Christine Ellis has a passion for dessert, and a love of cakes that knows no bounds. She also has an obsession for finding the 'best' way to do everything, which led to her discovery of cake baking strips, one of her essential tools in cake baking.


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This was a triumph. Being that the first part of their name is of a town in Derbyshire it should be no surprise that the desserts originates from Bakewell. This is the only town in the Peak District National Park and is well known for the cake Bakewell tart.

I'm make a note here: HUGE success. A Bakewell Tart is a cake that is a shortcrust pastry that has a layer of jam, which is then covered with a sponge filling that is made with grounded up almonds inside this is known as frangipane. Sometimes they are covered with nuts like peanuts and almond or they have alternative flavours such as blackcurrant, strawberry and apple. But the most popular variation of this dessert is the Cherry Bakewell, this is a Bakewell tart that is similar to the regular tart but the frangipane is covered with a top layer of sweet almond flavoured icing, which in its self is topped of with a single half glac cherry. This is also known as a Bakewell Cake

When everyone thinks about Bakewell tarts they often confuse it with the cherry Bakewell but the original form of the Bakewell tart is the Bakewell Pudding (which is also called the Bakewell tart)
A Bakewell Pudding is a more flaky pastry that has a layer of jam and has a egg and almond filling. Bakewell is the town where it originates from but there are reports that it came from Rushbottom Lane. The recipe is said to have come about from an accident as there was a misunderstanding between Mrs Graves, Mistress of the Inn, and her cook. At the White Horse Inn (which is now known as the Rutland Arms) was visiting Noble men who had ordered Strawberry tarts Mrs Greaves told the cook to mix an egg mixture into the pastry but the cook spread it on top of the jam. The cook had misheard Mrs Greaves instructions, which meant that she was making a pudding rather than a tart. The pudding was served with new tarts being made just in case they didn't like them but the result was unexpected as they loved the puddings.

There are some conflicts about who sells the the cakes by the original recipe though as both Bakewell Pudding Shop and the Bakewell Tart Shop sake their claim. But what those who love the original recipe are more disgusted by is the success of the Mr Kipling branded cakes that out sell both shops and are popular all over the country. The Cherry Bakewell in the Mr Kipling brand is not the same as the original Cherry Bakewell and is not even made in Derbyshire so you can see why they are a bit miffed about it. The Kipling brand has variations and spin/one offs that spawned from the Bakewell tarts/Cherry Bakewell such as the toffee apple Bakewell, Neapolitan Bakewell, festive, Bakewell slices and many more which is why you can see they sell loads more than the shops combined. There is an alcoholic beverage version of the cake as well. It is called a Cherry Bakewell shot, this is made by putting together amaretto, cherry liquor and Baileys.

Next time you visit your Peak District holiday homes in Bakewell and feel like having a snack why not just go down to one of the shops and try an authentic cake rather than a fake cake the only problems you will have though is deciding which one to have a tart or pudding and also deciding on what shop you are going to.

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When you commence to understand the best way to bake youll find a variety of cake decorating equipment that you simply will need to invest in. Whilst baking the first cake is incredibly vital no cake is complete without having the icing and decoration. For this reason youll find a large selection of cake decorating resources which you can use to enhance the appearance and taste of the cake.

Whenever you are selecting your cake decorating tools you will need to remember that a cake have to be a harmony of flavors. From piped icing to fondant what decorations you place on the cake impact the general taste of the cake itself. Its due to this which you need to get care in your selection of cake decorating equipment. Should you utilize the right tools you can make beautiful cake designs without including a lot of icing. One of many most common issues bakers face with improper equipment is using too much icing to get a particular decoration onto the cake. Tools this kind of as airbrushes pipers and special ideas can limit the amount of icing that is employed while offering the same elegance older more icing intensive cake decoration methods have.

As you will find countless different cake decorating resources within the market it is crucial which you record which tools youve got and which ones you need. This can enable you to determine what you will need to buy when organizing a cake decorating task and avoid you from getting too many with the identical tool. While getting duplicates of some cake decorating resources is incredibly useful not acquiring too many of the identical device can stop you from having storage issues. Cake decorating equipment can get up a lot of storage room so limiting the amount of tools youve got can grow to be very crucial. In the event you plan on retaining extra equipment around maintaining your major set within the kitchen area and yet another inside a storage box inside your cabinets is the greatest route. Keep a list with the resources which you have as this will assist make sure which you dont accidentally acquire exactly the same cake decorating resources over again.

In case you are uncertain of what cake decorating equipment try out following a few various cake baking recipes. The recipes should include decoration ideas. These tips will need the equipment that you have to construct the selection of tools you will need to effectively bake and cake decorate when you experience match.

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Frosting a cake should be one of the most enjoyable parts of cake-making. The mixing and cooking is done, and all that's left is to use your creativity to complete your edible work of art. But many find cake frosting a challenge, particularly when it comes to layer cakes. Time pressure, impatience and the lack of proper tools can stand between you and a beautifully-frosted cake. As with nearly every aspect of cooking and baking, organization and advanced preparation is key. Consider the following tips when frosting a cake, and you'll be on your way to an awe-inspiring and flawless dessert.

1. Make sure your cake and frosting are fully cooled. The cake should cool for a minimum of four hours or overnight to be safe. This avoids running frosting and a messy appearance. If that time frame isn't feasible, you may place the warm cake in the freezer for a short time to accelerate cooling.


Gather the proper tools. The ideal tool for icing is a stainless steel offset spatula, which comes in a variety of sizes. Otherwise, try using a butter knife, which has a similarly flat surface.

3. For cake layers with a slight dome shape, trim the dome top with a serrated knife so that the surface is flat. Also scrape off any batter bubbles formed when baking. Those areas will be obscured by frosting.

4. Anchor the cake to the plate's surface with a small amount of frosting. This will keep it from sliding during frosting and transport.

5. If you are frosting your cake on the serving plate, tuck wax or parchment paper strips around the bottom edges of the cake before you begin. They'll trap any stray frosting and can be removed when you're ready to serve.


Brush the top and sides of the cake lightly with a pastry brush to remove any loose crumbs.

7. Avoid crumb-y frosting. Apply a thin initial layer of frosting which is designed to trap cake crumbs and prevent them from showing up in the outer frosting layer. Thin this portion of the frosting by adding 2 tablespoons of milk or water. This will allow you to spread a thinner layer to trap remaining crumbs. Let this first frosting layer set for up to two hours and then frost the outer coating.

8. If you are new to frosting, choose a type of frosting that is easier to spread. A light frosting spreads more easily than a heavy, thick frosting. Thick frosting is more likely to tear the cake and create crumbs.

9. Using the offset spatula, smooth the frosting from the center in a loose figure 8 motion to the edges. Think of it as 'pushing' the icing and keep your wrist flexible. Use the full length and width of the spatula, spreading the frosting evenly across the cake. Be sure not to apply too much pressure to the frosting so that it squishes, but enough so that you keep the icing gliding easily across the surface.

10. Warm the spatula under running water periodically. This keeps the knife clean and helps smooth the surfaces of the cake. For final smoothing of the frosting, pull the spatula across the surfaces in straight wide strokes. At this point, the cake is frosted and ready for additional decorations if desired.

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