4th of July cake Recipes
Cake decorators should review our step-by-step cake decorating instructions that show, how to decorate a 4th of July cake Flag cake using colored buttercream.
4th of July Cake Decorating Supplies
Patriotic Candles, Flag Picks, and many other 4th of July Cake Decorations are available.
Then measure out stripes for the remainder of the 4th of July cake. Ideally, 13 stripes should appear on the 4th of July cake, but it’s hard to put many stripes on a small 4th of July cake. Round cakes can be turned into flags just as easily as can sheet 4th of July cake.
4th of July cake Round Flag
If you have only a round 4th of July cake pan and you’ve already volunteered to make an American flag 4th of July cake, don’t be bummed, be original. Simply make red and white stripes on the 4th of July cake by squeezing out one flower at a time until you have covered the entire 4th of July cake in red and white stripes with a blue section down the side of the cake. To create a cake that’s slightly different than the conventional flag, go for a red and white striped cake with stars floating above it. It's a devils food cake mix, three 9 inch layers.
4th of July cake recipe
1 pkg. yellow or chocolate cake mix
2 pts. fresh blueberries
3 pts. fresh strawberries
3 c. whipping cream (do not use whipped topping in aerosol can)
1/2 c. confectioners' sugar

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