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Are you looking for ideas for an easy birthday cake?

You child's birthdays is tomorrow and you can't order a cake. Get the cake pans out and start baking. An easy birthday cake to make and decorate is on the way.

I prefer a two layer cake. To me they look more festive. If you have a cake mix great, if not make one from scratch. Pour mix into 2 - 9" round pans that have been greased and floured. Bake them at 350 degrees about 25 - 35 minutes. I can usually tell they are done by feel. If you can't put a knife in and see if it has any batter on it. If it does it isn't done yet. Try not to over bake it or it will be dry.

When it is done put it on a cooling rack a few minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the cake. Then get a plate put the plate on top of the cake, flip it and your cake should come out if not put a wet towel on the bottom of the pan.

Now place the cake in the freezer for about 2 hours.

You can leave them upside down. A frozen cake will ice better.

Make your favorite icing or buy it. Ice the top of one cake flip the other on it or place it on it. This is really an easy birthday cake. Now you want to ice the sides you can use a regular knife to just put icing on and run it around and ice the rest. Then do the top.

Now you can decorate. Either put sprinkles all the way around to decorate or draw a circle in another color frosting fill it in and make a smiley face. Sprinkles is an easy birthday cake idea. After you have that done write Happy Birthday _ _ _ on it. You can use a different colored icing that you put in a tube or a clean empty catchup or honey bottle. Anything that has a small hole in top and will squeeze will work.

Now isn't that an easy birthday cake idea? I hope you can use this idea. Decorating cakes can be fun and this is just a simple way to start.

Decorating a cake is an art you can learn. Check out this site for more information. There is a free video on decorating a cake with chocolate.


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