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Use alternative ingredients for you recipe
The key to losing weight is basically controlling your calorie intake. This can most assuredly be done when consuming ready made foods, such as cakes, by reading the amount of calories on the information sticker on the actual product. Make certain that the calories are not greater than your required daily intake. But if you’re ready to make a cake from scratch, it really is easy to bake a cake with very little calories. You do this by substituting the high-fat/calorie ingredients for low-fat/calorie ingredients. So for example, substitute white flour for cake flour. replace normal oil with a healthier olive oil. Instead of using a whole egg, use two egg whites alternatively. Do you grasp where this is going?

Using simple methods such as the ones above not only reduce the calorie content of your cakes, but don’t diminish the composition.

The cakes will remain as soft and spongy once baked, but are much healthier. related things you could substitute are to put the cake into non-stick pans, instead of greasing up the cake pan using butter. Try using brown sugar as a substitute of white sugar.

Some advice on how to make the best, healthy chocolate cakes ever!
So now you know how to substitute higher calorie ingredients with lower ones, here are some tips on making a great chocolate cake. Firstly, we would advocate using an easy chocolate cake recipe, one that you’re comfortable with and that you could tackle. Make sure you have all the tools and kit you’ll need to hand before starting.

When preparing the cake mix, make sure that you use a low fat butter, or a margarine for super healthy mixes.

And again use egg whites rather than whole eggs to keep the calories right down. When putting chocolate into the mixture, we’d suggest using a dark chocolate. The reason being that darker chocolate (the slightly embittered tasting ones) have a higher cocoa content, meaning they contain less fat. If the mixture is not appetizing enough, you could try using some cocoa powder to sweeten it up.

When preparing the pan for the cake mixture, make sure you use a non-stick pan. Also try scattering a little flour on the pan, this will further prevent the cake from sticking to the pan once it comes out of the oven. This is even more important when using a shaped pan. Ensure that you get into all the little gaps and hollows of the pan with the flour, to you could find some parts of your cake come away with the pan itself. If you don’t want to use flour, another healthy options to use a vegetable non-stick spray. They’re getatable from most supermarkets.

If you decide to use a layered cake you could try putting low-grade fat jello/jelly between the layers. An even better option would be to put sliced fruit, such as strawberries in between the layers.

Not only will your friend and family find such a cake exquisite, you are safe in the knowledge that it is a healthier option.

Healthy Birthday cakes
Birthday cakes can be healthy too. By now, hopefully you’ve understood the more ingredient method. This can also be used for Birthday Cakes or other special occasions. The cakes become healthy when making the mixture. So when mixing ingredients for a birthday cake, use some imagination and create a sugary cake mixture, using natural ingredients. Try this one for example. When preparing the mixture, instead of putting a lot of sugar in, replace some of the sugar with a sweet fruit? Examples could be using a banana for instance. Using two bananas would replace quite a bit of sugar, and is all naturally low-grade in calories. Try putting some raisins into the mixture. They’re naturally flavorsome and young children prefer finding them in their cakes. Another option is to use applesauce in the mixture alternately of oil. Obviously when putting these ingredients into cakes, do the odd ‘dip test’ to make sure the sweetness and form etc are as required.

A Top-Rated Recipe
Here’s a great recipe for a healthy cake, which should only take you approximately 30 to 40 minutes to bake.

All you need is an angel cake ready mix and a can of crushed pineapple (and also a bowl, mixer, pan and kitchen stove etc)

Instead of using water to mix the angel cake mixer with, empty the crushed pineapple can into the vessel and using your mixer, mix until a silky texture comes about
Pour into a cake pan, preferably a 13 x 9 pan.
Bake in the central tray of your oven for bordering on 30-40 minutes, or until the sides of the cake come away from the pan edge
Cut cake into smaller portions, this can serve bordering on 12 people, with small portions
Enjoy! This cake only has bordering on 0.2 grams of fat, close to 145 calories and 34.6g of carbs per serving!

You can garnish the cake if you wish, using icing or frosting, but be mindful of what kind you use, as the whole purpose of this cake is to eat healthier.

Losing weight is not only done by eating healthier foods but healthy foods are a staple of a weight loss regime that should include exercise too. In fact exercising is a great way of staying in shape and makes you feel better. So the answer to losing weight seems to be watching what you eat and an active lifestyle. But the point of this feature is to show you that you can still eat your liked cakes; strawberry cheesecakes, chocolate, frosted or coconut, by ensuring that they’re produced with high quality ingredients which are low-grade in calories.



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