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When you visited the Philippines, the experience will surely leave lots of memories not just for the beautiful places it offers especially with the delicious and delectable exotic dishes that will surely satisfy your craving. Filipino food is simply a combination of different culinary styles from different countries; among them are Spain, China and U.S.A.

Aside from those recipes that are directly a product of other culture influences. Philippines are known for some of their unique and unusual food. Here is my list for some of Filipino unusual food:

Balot: Balot is popular Filipino appetizer; it is hard boiled fertilized duck egg. The egg ideally for balot is incubated for 18 days, during that time the embryo is almost completed that makes the food so unusual. Balot is feature as one of most unusual food in the world by one of the television program.

Balot is usually consume with spicy vinegar as a sauce, while balot is a popular Filipino food there are other country also prepared balot as a food, among them are Vietnam and China.

Bagoong or Shrimp Paste: Bagoong or fermented shrimp paste is a popular Filipino condiments, it is usually prepare using shrimp or paste. Bagoong is usually cooked with vegetable or as a side dish for fried fish recipe.

Burong Isda: Burong isda is comparable with bagoong, the difference while bagoong is majority prepared with small shrimp burong isda is commonly prepared with ice along with its fish recipe.

Dinuguan : Dinuguan is a pig blood based stew, it is a popular meal for many Filipino and usually served with rice cake.

Now a days, there are still a lots of Filipino that consume food that are unusual to common Filipino, in some places in the province , people still eating Rice field rat, Sawa (Python), Bayawak ( Monitor Lizard), Seat Turtle ( Pawikan), and dogs.

Some of the animal listed above is considered as endangered animal and Philippine law prohibits people from consuming it so. While dog is not an endangered animal Philippine law prohibits us to consume domesticated animal. Killing endangered and domesticated animal are not tolerated in our country and violators are being punish in accordance of the law.

Those three recipe stated above is just a partial list of unusual recipe that Filipino truly like, aside from those recipe there are other Filipino food that are worth trying for, among them are kare kare, sinigang and adobo. Those recipe is our trademark for being Filipino because it is always been a part of our day to day food recipe.

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