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The wedding cake is truly the showpiece of the reception. Cakes have become more creative, and also follow trends in design and fashion like never before. These are some of the hottest trends for wedding cakes in 2009.

Clean lines are king right now. The smooth-as-glass finish of fondant icing is still all the rage at most weddings, and one stand-out design feature is more popular than a busy cake with a pattern all over it. One interesting trend in wedding cakes has to do with the layers. The basic look of three stacked round layers is still the most common, but you are also seeing a lot more of cakes that are square, octagonal, hexagonal, or a combination of round and shaped layers. Offset layers, which are stacked slightly off-kilter are also a hot look for wedding cakes right now.

When it comes to cake decorations, truly you can have anything that your heart desires.

There is nothing that a skilled baker cannot create out of sugar, gum paste, or royal icing. That said, there are some definite trends for decorations for 2009 wedding cakes. Most lean towards being mod or minimalist.

The most minimalist cakes consist of three to five round layers covered in smooth white fondant. The only decoration is a colored ribbon around the base of each layer and perhaps a monogrammed medallion on the side of the center layer. These cakes are kept very simple, with no cake topper. They are very urban chic, though they may be too simple for some brides.

Mod design is also something that is being seen in wedding cakes these days. Round circles layered over fondant is one cool effect. Simplistic sugar flowers are another big trend. They are often scattered over the cake in varying density, such as many flowers clustered near the top of the cake, gradually thinning out to just a few blossoms scattered at the base of the cake.

Another very popular trend is to have a vine of sugar flowers set diagonally down one side of the cake.

The flowers can be large or small, subtle or colorful, but they are usually done in only one branch, leaving the rest of the cake plain. Although fresh flowers will never be out of style for wedding cake decorations, they are not being seen as much this season.

Brides are still interested in having cakes designed that complement their bridal ensemble in some way. For a very unique look, cover a cake in large white sugar "pearls" which are dusted with an opalescent powder. This is a fun and modern reference to classic pearl bridal jewelry. If crystal bridal jewelry is more your style, you can adorn your cake with clear molded sugar "crystals" arranged in a geometric design. Note that the sugar crystals are intended to mimic clear crystals, not silvery rhinestones. It is a more subtle style than the ornate cake jewelry that has been seen in recent years.

The great thing about a wedding cake is that you can have whatever you want. So, take some pointers from the latest trends, or choose to go in another direction; the choice is entirely yours. In the end, all that matters is that you love the way your wedding cake looks, and that your guests love how it tastes.

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