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Wedding Cakes London,UK

If you are in London or anywhere in the UK, Patisserie Concerto can design, create, deliver and set up your wedding cakefor you.

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of any wedding. People in London and the UK come from varied cultures and backgrounds, with different traditions and ideas for weddings and wedding cakes. We can help you achieve the perfect mix of UK and London culture with your family traditions, and design a wedding cake that reflects all these elements. Our staff come from different backgrounds and cultures and have a wealth of experience to draw on.

Today, wedding customs in London and the UK are very similar. Sugar novelties were first used in England as decoration on cakes in around 1660. This idea spread throughout the UK. In the early 1900s, wedding cakes in London and the UK were influenced by the extravagance and romance of the new century, a trend that continues today.

We create unique and special wedding cakes for couples throughout London and the UK.

We provide a personal, friendly and professional service, all the way from initial consultation and design to delivery and set up in London or anywhere in the UK. We work one-to-one with you throughout the wedding cake design and planning process and make each beautiful wedding cake with the ultimate attention to details.

We create our wedding cakes at our London bases in Kensington, Piccadilly and Knightsbridge, and they are available to everyone anywhere in the UK at competitive prices.

Our wedding cakes can be contemporary or classical, but every one is delicious, mouth-watering, dazzling and elegant.

Our distinctive wedding cakes will make your celebration unique and special. The wedding cakes pictured on our website are examples of work that we have created for customers in London and around the UK. The design of flowers, colours and decorations can be changed to coordinate with your own wedding theme, and of course we can design a cake exclusively for you.


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