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YummyArts overview:

Cake decorating is an art. Not everyone can be the Mozart or DaVinci of dessert decorating, but you can learn from some cake decorating masters. YummyArts gives you the tools necessary to decorate cakes, cookies and other sweet treats with style. Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday decorating will be a breeze with Yummy Arts guiding your hand every step of the way. Learn the techniques that the pros use.

YummyArts Reviews: What's included together along with your Yummy Arts Membership Fee every month?

* Over 100 Step-by-Step "How To" Videos available to all member round the clock, 7 days a week, from the moment you join.

* Free Step-by-Step How-to Videos added to your Library every month!

* Full-length "Video Tip of the Week" on Cake, Cookie or sweet Techniques

* Access to hundreds of Cake, Cookie, and sweet articles and answers to your questions

* image gallery to get great ideas, store your image achievements and e-mail your pics as online "postcards" to your friends and family

* An amazing forum, filled with enthusiastic members who share their knowledge and experience.

* Frequent Discount Coupons for special products at the YummyArts Store

*Our "Freaky Friday" $ 10-off every month coupon for products in the YummyArts Store

* Special members-only contests and giveaways

* Members learn about all new cake, cookie and sweet products before someone else.

* ...

and our every week Video Newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the cake and cookie decorations

Want to Decorate Cakes like a Pro?

Get cake and cookie decorating tips from a team of professionals. Ask tough questions and get answers.

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