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The holiday season is round the corner and if you are in the restaurant and foodservice business, it’s time to draw up your must-have baking supply list. Luscious fruit-filled pastries are an all-time favorite and a great way to end any meal. So it’s important to stock up on quality bakery fruit fillings for cakes and desserts. There are many brands in the market and to buy the best, you need to be discerning when you shop for your pastry fillings and toppings.

Fruit Cake Fillings - A Must-buy

A simple cake can be turned into a really special treat with a delicious and nutritious fruit filling. Fresh fruit fillings can, of course, be prepared in the kitchen. But this would take time and is simply not feasible or economical for restaurants, especially when you need to meet high-volume orders during the festive season.

Go for the quality fruit cake fillings available at leading restaurant supply stores. Bakeable, shelf-stable and freeze-thaw stable, they include:

Bakery apple filling are great for cakes, desserts, donuts and pies and available in various forms - apple pie filling, apple raspberry filling, apple syrup, canned apple sweetened sauce, and sliced apple filling.

Bakery cherry filling made of the highest quality fruit is just what you need to add versatility to your pastries. The lush color and flavor of the fruit is retained in the juicy, chopped cherries. With cherry fillings that come in handy, easy squeeze packs, all you need to do is snip off a corner and squeeze out the required quantity.

Bakery lemon products include lemon puddings and lemon gelatins which taste great on their own or can be used to add flavor to cakes, ice cream, and fruit and fillings for signature recipes. Lemon flavored instant pudding and pie filling mix can have your lemon pudding and lemon meringue pie ready in a jiffy – just add milk and mix!

Bakery peach fillings for dreamy peach pies and desserts are available as whole or thick, sliced peaches in a sweet sauce. Quality strawberry fillings come as whole, luscious strawberries in a sweet sauce and offer a fresh, wholesome flavor.

Other products you can include in your list of bakery supplies are easy spread gourmet icing in different flavors for breakfast breads, cakes, cinnamon rolls and other flaky pastries, chocolate mousse, corn starch, cheesecakes, marshmallow powder, jellies and so on.

Buying Bakery Supplies – Things to Consider

Make sure that the products you buy for your restaurant have a good shelf life so you can safely stock bulk quantities. Also, as most people are diet conscious these days, try to go for bakery fillings for cakes and desserts labeled ‘fat, trans fat and cholesterol free’. Many fruit cake fillings come in handy, user-friendly containers or packs ensuring sanitation and convenience. Above all, take care to purchase your restaurant supplies from a reliable dealer. Browse the web and check out top online restaurant supply stores. It’s ideal to buy in bulk during the holiday season. So locate a store that offers top brands at the most competitive prices.

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