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It is very rare to find celebrations without cakes, in all shapes and sizes. Whoever invented cake surely got a tasty creation.

Kids love to have cakes on their birthdays; in fact, they love it all year long. In anniversaries and formal parties, cakes are always part of the menu. Promotional parties, new store openings, or holiday celebrations - cakes makes it even more special. And of course, let's not forget wedding cakes. Yes, it is in fact one of the important details in weddings. Soon to be bride allot special time for cake tasting to make sure that the cake will taste exactly how they wanted it and designed exactly how they pictured it.

If you have certain diet plans, do not worry. There are cakes made from certain vegetables, some are even sugar free. Or, you can eat at least one bite and it won't surely ruin your diet.

Many people have come a long way in their passion for cakes.

Cakes are not only fun to eat but fun to bake and decorate as well. Let's skip the baking part or else we will be talking whole day about the different recipes and ingredients and the measurements. Let's go right away to cake decorating.

Cake decorating, as the term suggests it, has something to do with making your cake look more attractive, delicious and irresistible. The cake's decoration makes the first impression so we want to make sure we set the mood and stir excitement from our guests before they actually eat it.

Cake decorating is an art. Most people see it as a hobby, well, true but this is not an ordinary hobby. With little supervision and guidance from several cake decorating tips available, cake decorating can bring you far. It can make your family happy, you can make other people happy when you give them cakes too, and it can makes you happy as well; the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment is great after making such a wonderful art.

Cake decorating ideas are actually products of your creative imagination.

With little patience, you can always learn different decorating tips. Like all other things we need to learn in life, cake decorating is fun and challenging. Crumbs will be your number one enemy. You can always read on to see how to eliminate crumbs.

One good thing about making and decorating cake is that it gives you control over your cake. You can always add personal touches and you can choose the design and flavour. Plus, cake decorating can also be a stress reliever. It is a self nurturing task, it can divert your attention from your worries, and it gives high feelings of fulfillment.

This is surely one tasty hobby.

Linda Dougherty had spent 30 years in Cake Decorating. She enjoys sharing cake ideas, hints and tips with other cake decorators in their adventure in the cake world...


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