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Cake mix cookies are very easy and quick to prepare. These help you to add a variety to the platter for the occasion. Many couples go in for preparing these cookies and using it for as a snack or brunch for the party. It can be an excellent option instead of wedding cakes. For instance, you can try out unique ways to make these cookies instead of winter wedding cakes.

Cookies are commonly prepared from the flour, sugar and the fruits as per the desired flavor. These cookies are prepared by using the cake as the base material. It is very simple task to prepare these cookies.

You can complete the entire process of preparing these in about fifteen – thirty minutes and relish some delicious flavors of cookies.

The ingredients and preparation for the cookies vary and depend on the flavor you have selected to prepare.

Cake mix cookies are available in plenty of flavors. Some of the popular ones include cake mix bar cookies, cake mix sugar cookies, cake mix chocolate chip/ cake cookies or lemon cake mix cookies. You can try out your own variations and flavors.

You can enrich your cookies by adding plenty of dry fruits, raisins, chocolate chips and nuts in the cookies. You can try out your own innovative procedures for preparing these cookies. Cookies are a favorite dessert for almost all individuals irrespective of the age group. Hence, you can go in for these and impress your guests with your baking skills.

Here we are providing you with a simple way to prepare a cake mix cookies.

The ingredients required for preparing them includes two eggs, one pack of Cake mix which is available in any flavor, and half cup of oil for preparing these cookies.

The flavor for the cake mix could be any one depending upon your personal choice such as Chocolate.

You can also add two cups of chocolate chips, nuts, or dry fruits for the cookies. This is optional and the choice of nuts and fruits to be added totally depends on you. The procedure for preparing the cookie is mentioned below:

You have to begin with pre heating the oven for about three hundred degrees. The next step is to prepare the batter for the cookies. You need to pour a pack of cake mix in a large mixing bowl. In this, you have to add eggs and oil. This mixture should be properly mixed till all the ingredients are blended well.

The batter should be dry as far as possible. If the batter is wet, you can add some more cake mix to it and make dry as required for preparing the cookies. Drop small cookies on the baking sheet greased with butter for baking the cookies. These cookies should be baked in the oven for about seven to eight minutes.

The cookies should be baked till its light brown in color. You should avoid cooking it for longer duration than mentioned in the recipe. Thus, you would get the desired cookies ready. After this let them properly cool down and only then you should store them in a container.

Some tips for preparing yummy and delicious cake mix cookies are listed below:


You should take the required quantities of ingredients for the cookies as mentioned in the recipe. Avoid going in for any substitutes for these ingredients.


Avoid excessively mixing the cookie dough prepared for making them.


You have to prepare a well greased cookie sheet which should be cool while placing the cookies for baking.


Follow the recipe and instructions given in the recipe properly while preparing the cookie.


The cookies should be properly cooled before the storing it in air tight containers.


You can go in for readymade cookie mix available instead of preparing it. It would save your time and the mess created for preparing it. It is an excellent option for beginners.

Follow the instructions and recipe mentioned above to bake your delicious cake mix cookies.

You can also use Cake mix cookies in your wedding party.


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