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When you hear the word ‘Birthday’, what are the things that pop up in your mind? The answers would be parties, drinks, new costumes, gifts, spray, wrappers, and, undoubtedly, the birthday cake, isn’t it? A birthday party without a birthday cake can be compared to a garden without any plants, which doesn’t seem so appealing or admirable and which looks and gives a feeling of dryness. Well, so birthday cakes play an integral part in the celebration of the special day. This applies for us humans, but what about dogs? Do they need birthday celebrations? They are in no way inferior to us and they too deserve their own birthday parties, accompanied by the full enjoyments of fun, drinks and cakes.

When it comes to the celebration of the birthday function of our dog, an important area to keep our focus on and concentrate is the preparation and display of dog birthday cakes. The reason to have an eye more on the cake is due to the fact that unlike our birthday cakes, dog birthday cakes are somewhat different in mixing and preparation. The basic matter is, the dogs’ body system is different from that of our human system and hence its system cannot able to handle more sweets and sugary items like us. But, since they need a cake, the best alternative would be to opt for something similar to a ‘meat cake’. It resembles a loaf of meat to be made without onions, since onions are a little poisonous for dogs.

When coming into the topic of preparing the birthday cake for your pooch, it’s up to you whether you choose buying cake mixes for dogs from the shop and making it or finding your own recipe. Whatever of however it might be, the thing is your dog should love it and feel that you have made his day great, lovely and delicious too.

Here’s a simple recipe of making a Beef N Bacon cake.

The basic ingredients needed are

- Lean ground beef (three pounds)

- Lean bacon (three strips)

- Eggs (Two)

- Bread crumbs (one and a half cups)

- Chopped carrots (one cup)

The preparation method comes as follows.

- Mix all the ingredients (except bacon) together in a large vessel, adding a small amount of water.

- Fry the bacon, removing the excess grease. Then, crumble it and add to the mixture or it can be added with carrots later for decoration.

- Mold the cake mixture into a solid round shape which is set uniformly in thickness from the centre to the edges.

- Bake it keeping in covered baking dish for about one and a half hours at 350.

- Meanwhile the cake is being baked, prepare the icing using smashed sweet potatoes or melted cottage cheese.

So, with a simple preparation like this, we can make tasty dog birthday cakes and complete the party with an awesome click on a camera.

The article gives a simple description of how to make dog birthday cakes for our dog using the right ingredients with appropriate proportions. The author also adds a sample recipe of meat cake to give an idea of the preparation of dog birthday cakes.


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