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If you have started your party planning you probably have a theme in mind. Making a theme birthday cake doesn't have to be complicated.

If you have a theme birthday cake idea for a 40th birthday, why not make a black cake. You can create a perfect touch that no one will forget. You will have to use the paste coloring as you will have a hard time getting black without it. I once made black tire cookies and though no one would eat them. Well I was floored when they disappeared quickly.

You can also make them birthday cakes for children. They love the idea of having their favorite character on a cake. Why not try your hand a something new. You could print out the character and make outlines of each color practice on paper and then do the cake. It doesn't have to be perfect. Kids are very forgiving.

If you have a shape pan you can use it for many things.

If you use your creativity you can use different pans for other cakes. A heart pan can easily become a spade shape for a real card player. Make it a Red Cake and Put an A on it and you have an Ace of Spades.

With imagination and some basic cake decorating you will be amazed at how fun this soon becomes. You will be the one that children want to make their cake!

Once you get rid of the idea that it is hard, you will be creating a theme birthday cake for any birthday party.

If you enjoy cake decorating visit our site for more information. You can watch a video on decorating a cake with chocolate too.


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