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Betty Crocker may not be needed for this project but a diaper cake makes a wonderful addition to any baby shower.

You will start with the ingredients and put the cake together in a short amount of time. The diaper cake makes a perfect centerpiece and can be made ahead of time.

You will need about 50 medium disposable diapers and a 16” disposable cardboard platter. Thin rubber bands will be needed and 5-6 feet of ¼” to ½” ribbon plus 8-10 feet of 1” wide ribbon. Also purchase a large baby bottle, small candies to fill the bottle, double sided adhesive tape and small baby items like booties, nail clippers, pacifiers, rattles, a brush and comb, etc.

Roll the diapers into tight rolls and secure with the rubber bands. You will use the diapers to make three layers. Begin with the baby bottle filled with the candies and place it into the middle of 5-6 diapers. Tie this all together with the 1” ribbon.

Make the second tier using about 15 diapers. Tie this layer together with the narrower ribbon. For the third tier you will need approximately 27 diapers. Make the center first and tie it together. Place more diapers around this circle and tie. Finish this layer by adding a third row of diapers around the second circle and tie with the narrow ribbon.

Put pieces of the tape on the platter and place the first layer on the platter. Add more pieces of tape and add the next layer. Finish with the third layer. Tuck the baby items around the outside of the cake by sliding them under the ribbon. Finish the cake by tying the 1” ribbon around each layer.

A diaper cake is a creative way to make a baby shower special.

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