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Many of us like to try new foods. Some prefer to do this by visiting restaurants whilst others enjoy getting up close and personal with the kitchen and a decent recipe book. Creating new food can be a pleasure for those cooking as well as those lucky enough to sample it. Throughout the cooking or baking process however, how important is a recipe? Do we need to stick rigidly to ingredients? Can some be swapped for others? Do amounts have to be exactly on the mark or will this matter if they happen to be a little out? Trial and error is usually the way to find out.

Baking cakes tend to require exact amounts of flour, sugar and butter. Regular bakers need not refer to a guide as the ingredients will be imprinted on the brain and they will be aware of how much room is available to manoeuvre when it comes to slight alterations. If choosing to try something different however, ensuring the correct added extras are present could be the difference between a successful outcome and a failed attempt.

Savoury dishes are quite specific, many of which require particular herbs and spices in definite measurements.

For dishes such as curries, spices can be altered to taste and as long as the main ingredients are present, curry powders, paprika, ginger and the like can be added moderately or plentiful in order to create the perfect heat level.

For chefs and those working in the catering industry, adding new and exciting recipes to an existing menu will set them apart from competition. Cooking firm favourites can become easy so it may be time for a new challenge. The best way to do this is in taking instruction from a cook book.

Some are specific to a certain area of food whereas others host an array of dishes from across the globe. It is wise to have a look at a few where you will be allowed to choose a theme. In this case, starting with a recipe book proves important. A chef can always adapt a meal to make it their own, adding variations of the recommended ingredients.

Information offered via cookery books is essential for those wishing to follow a career in the world of food. Vital hints and tips can be gained, providing the confidence to move forwards with exciting food.

We asked ‘how important is a recipe'? The answer is simple. To begin with, a recipe will hold all of the answers. The more experience a person gains when cooking, the less likely they will need to refer back. To investigate brand new ideas then a recipe is essential.

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