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Step into the world of bath bombs.  The sweet smelling aromas as they fill your bathroom, easing away those stresses and strains of the day.  You feel the fizz as they swirl around you releasing their gentle fragrances. Your new cupcake bath bomb is filled with soft moisturisers leaving your skin soft and subtle ready to take on a new day.

Making your own bath bombs is simple and fun to do. Like in cooking you will know exactly what has gone into making them. So if you need that special oil due to a sensitive skin or you like a particular fragrance then is the way to do it. Pamper yourself and drop a fun, fizzy bomb into warm running water and enjoy.

Below I have given a basic bath bomb recipe and frosting.  All ingredients can be found at either your local supermarket or chemist.

Bath bomb

1 ½ cups baking soda
½ cup citric acid
Sweet almond oil or any other light oil such as grape seed
Water/with hazel


2 ½ tablespoons meringue powder
4 tablespoons warm water
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
1 ½ cup powdered sugar (icing sugar)
1 tablespoon Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) to act as a foaming agent but can be omitted
4-6 drops of fragrance
Piping bag and nozzles


First line a cupcake tin with paper cake cases.

Silicone cake moulds are probably the best but a metal one would work too.

Mix together first your dry ingredients then slowly add your oil and fragrance, just enough for your desired aroma.

Once this is thoroughly mixed, using a spray bottle, add your water or witch hazel or a mix of the two. Be careful not to add too much as your mix will start to fizz prematurely. Your mix should now be the consistency of wet sand, still crumbly but will hold together once compacted into your mould.

Pack the mix tightly into your cupcake moulds, slightly rounded on top to hold the frosting. Now put to one side.


To make the frosting an electric whisk would be good as it takes some of the work out it, but you can use a hand whisk.

Mix slowly your meringue powder and water. Be gentle as your powder will blow everywhere if you go too quickly.

SLS powder can be a bit uncomfortable if breathed in so wearing a mask at this point may be advisable.  It’s at this point where you mix in the SLS and cream of tartar. Once they are in mix in slowly add the powdered sugar.

Mix well now for at least 7 minutes until your mix forms stiff peaks. If it is too wet add a little more sugar and if too dry add a little water. Now add your colorant and fragrance oil. Be careful how much colour you add as it does go darker once dried. It should leave behind a sticky residue now when you touch it with your fingers.

At this point you will need to work fast before it starts to set. Using your piping bag and various nozzles pipe away your frosting on top of your bath bomb.

If you want to add different decorations, jojoba beads and glitter, for example but do so before your frosting sets.
They will need to be left now for 2-3 days to set. Your fancy cupcake bath bombs can now be packaged.


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