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Whatever you may take in, the first thing that strikes your mind is would it be healthy to consume the same. Isn’t it? In fact, not only you, but almost everyone on this planet suffers from the same worry. Health is wealth. Everyone knows that and this is the reason that drives all of them towards searching for something that could satisfy them both in terms of health and taste. Seafood items, such as crab cakes, etc. have been found to be really very healthy for food lovers. Thus, in spite of avoiding the taste factor, you should opt for these items to relish tasty food with no negative health-related worries.Lobster, shrimp, clam, etc. are also included with clams as the best sea creatures used as ingredients for the seafood preparations.

The steps to prepare “Lobster and Crab Cakes” have been mentioned below.

This item can act as the best delight for dinners and can also serve as the appetizer course if cut into small sized patties.

Ingredients (Tartar sauce)

Ingredients (For Cakes)

How to CookLobster and Crab Cakes







Serve hot lobster and

Mayonnaise – ¼ cup
Low-fat sour cream – ¼ cup
Cucumber pickles (finely chopped) – 2
Capers (chopped) – 2 teaspoons
Parsley (finely minced) – 2 teaspoons
Shallot or chives (finely minced) – 1 teaspoon
Celery salt – a dash
Ground pepper – fresh
Crab meat (picked over for shells) – ½ pound
Cooked lobster (chopped) – ½ pound
Fresh chives (minced) -= ¼ cup
Lemon juice (fresh) – 1 tablespoon
Mayonnaise – 3 tablespoon
Dijon mustard – 1teaspoon
Panko (Japanese bread crumbs) – 1 tablespoon
Sea salt & black pepper (fresh)
Butter – 1 tablespoon
Garlic cloves (minced) – 2
Thyme (dried) – ¼ teaspoon
Once again, panko – ½ cup
To prepare the tartar sauce, stir the ingredients mentioned above all together in a small bowl. Keep it aside.
To prepare the lobster and crab cakes, the first step is to take a container and put the crab, lobster, chives, lemon juice, mustard, mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon of panko together. Stir the content.
Using sea salt and ground pepper, season the content to taste. Then cover the content and allow it to chill.
Now take a non-sticky frying pan and place it over moderate heat. Sauté the garlic in it till it turns golden.
Take the garlic out and add in it thyme and ½ cup panko and then cook it. Stir it till the crumbs convert into golden brown colour. Then cool the crumbs.
On a waxed paper sheet, divide the mixture into 8 mounds. Shape them like patties and coat each of the part with crumbs.
Place the sheet pans with foils and transfer the crab cakes to the pan.
Bake the pieces in the oven at 400 degree Fahrenheit. Cook it for 15 minutes till it gets heated through.

Crab cakes with the Tartar sauce already prepared and make your dinner relishing for your family and guests. This dish, according to the analysis made by the nutritionists contain 129 calorie, 13 gm of protein, 4 gm carbohydrate, 6 gm fat, 370 mg sodium, etc.

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