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Wedding cake toppers are an interesting tradition. Especially in the last century, American brides and grooms have been adorning the tops of their wedding cakes with little figurines.

These days, cake toppers are not just limited to figurines. Cake toppers are becoming a way for couples to express their personalities and style. At least that is what you should be doing. If you just throw on a cheap, plastic, cake topper just for the sake of having one, it will definitely look tacky.

The newest trend is to have unique and custom wedding cake toppers. These could be something modern such as a monogram. Or they could be something funny. Either way, they should be something that is special to the couple.

Monograms are a very hot trend. The design is customized how you want it. It can be a large swirled design with initials on top, or just a single letter.

Then they are decorated to match the style of the reception. You can just paint it. The hot thing to do is to put colored rhinestones all over it.

If you are more traditional, a unique idea would be to put a vintage wedding cake topper on your cake. Maybe you can either use or replicate your parents' cake topper. This is a good way to have a traditional style, but still add a personal and sentimental touch.

Some people prefer to go for style over sentimentality. If you have a theme or elaborate reception decorations, it is essential to coordinate the cake with the style. Flower arrangements, lighting effects etc can all be used for this purpose. Of course, the perfect cake topper would be a combination of style and personality of the bride and groom.

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