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There is a long and rich history behind fruit cake, no pun intended. The basic recipe has been around for centuries, and over time it has been modified a little here and there to become what we know it to be today. The oldest know recipe for this particular dish came from ancient Rome.

It did not take long for this pleasant little pastry to become very popular with nearly all those who tasted it. The basic recipe for fruit cake was spread through the world as different countries were conquered and people moved around. While it started out in just one area, it is now a pastry that is knows all over the world.

The fruit cake seems to have gained a poor reputation over the years as one of the worst holiday pastries out there. This is not because the recipe for fruit cake produces a poor result, but rather because some of the recipes that have been created for mass production have been changed so that they will keep for longer and this has led to them not being as satisfactory as they should be.

There are jokes all over the world about how rotten this pastry is and there are even some areas where they go as far as to have competitions for who can throw them the furthest and such things. The truth is that there are a number of these recipes that are absolutely delicious, but this dish is never going to outlive the negative karma that surrounds it due to a few bad ones being mass produced.

This by no means implies that all production fruit cake is bad. There are only a few companies that have done this and made poor dishes as a result. These are the companies that have managed to give the poor dish a bad reputation as far as flavor and texture. The ones that get it wrong either have great flavor and poor texture, great texture and poor flavor, or they just get it all wrong. There are several companies that mass produce the pastry and it comes out delicious. The key here is that they know what they can and cannot change about the recipe to make the dish last longer on the shelves while still maintaining a flavor that is desirable as well.

Remember that no matter how much stigma there is associated with the fruit cake, when you get a good recipe the dish will come out tasting just as fabulous as those that made it a popular pastry in the first place. Don't let all the bad jokes leave you with a poor opinion of this treat before you have ever even tried one of the good recipes. Get out there and try a few recipes. When you make one for yourself you can change anything about the recipe that you think won't work well for you. This means that you can make it all your own, and have a great tasting treat.

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