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In classical Roman culture flat cakes made with flour, yeast, nuts and sweetened with honey were served at special birthdays for high society and royalty. During the 17th Century, these cakes became more elaborate, consisting of layers of cream and icing, becoming closer to the birthday cake as it is today.

Variations on the birthday cake differ according to culture; in China a sweetened bun is served to every guest as part of the celebration and in Korea seaweed soup is the traditional birthday dish. Swedish birthday cakes are made of marzipan and decorated with a picture of the national flag. In Britain and America, we are spoilt for choice with our range of birthday cake ideas and birthday cake designs.

Deciding on one depends on the type of party and the individual.

Chocolate birthday cake recipes are popular for their rich flavor and be decorated according to taste. When choosing your birthday cake recipe it is best to tailor it to the personality of the individual; birthday cake recipes for adults may be more of a culinary treat whereas children love spectacular themed cakes. Children’s birthday cake ideas are a great opportunity to get creative as the cakes can be tailored to whatever your child has in mind.

Ideas for the perfect home-made birthday cake can come in the form of animal cakes, sports cakes, themed birthday cakes and cakes for a formal occasion. Princess cakes and fairy-castle cakes are a popular choice with young girls whilst football-themed cakes are greatly appreciated by boys. For a formal and elaborate birthday cake, the design could be based on that of the wedding cake, comprised of several tiers with thick decorative icing.

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