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The best recipes for autumn birthday banquet

At 23th of Cupcakes September has now officially begun the golden season. It is therefore time to congratulate the children and this fall with home-made birthday cakes and cakes to surprise.

The colorful autumn is the time of harvest and bringing us ripe and tasty fruit. The third born in the season can appreciate, therefore, happy because they will benefit of gorgeous juicy plum and apple pie.

But not only the fresh fruit specialties play a role in the late Indian summer, the classic sponge cake, decorated festively of course, are on the birthday tea table like to see and do in a variety of flavors the solemn cream pie competition.

Read more on the following pages to our autumn birthday pastry classics and get inspired for your next birthday celebration for family members, friends or acquaintances of our best recipes.

Birthday cakes in the autumn classics

Plum tart

Plum cake A true classic in the autumn season, the plum cake.

For those who love this tasty late summer fruit is prepared with a homemade plum cake on their special day with great pleasure. Whether with crumbs, with a crispy crust from almonds, Amarettini or with a fine meringue - the slightly sour plums give the crunchy-sweet ingredients is a perfect combination. If the cake to the oven or served warm and topped with a little whipped cream, it is a very special treat. Should it go a bit festive, a plum cake is a great match for the festive table.

In addition to the plums are delicious baked autumn birthdays works from freshly harvested apples very popular - you can just barely resist!
Sponge cake

For those who prefer to do something simple, is a classic sponge cake is just right for the birthday table.

Universally popular is the traditional marble cake, all year long can be served, and almost every birthday "child" tastes. Equally fine are, the classic Bundt cake or pound cake, which can be baked in many variations, and the fine-spicy red wine and fine cakes, like the fabulous autumn birthday party.

The simple sponge cake classics are prepared and can be fixed to any occasion very well decorated with candles, icing and Co.. This sweet treat for the eye-catcher on every birthday table, birthday and especially the small children are prepared to order a blast.

Cream cakes and cupcakes

Cupcakes However, the strong and creamy cakes may not be missing from the festive autumn coffee table. For cool season very well fits the creamy chocolate hazelnut cake - a true gourmet delight for the Süßmäuler among infants in the fall.

A nice alternative to birthday cake is a fine Swiss roll, for example, can be filled with chocolate hazelnut cream. Sponge cake made from egg whites, sugar, egg yolk and flour. The dough is very delicate and must be baked quickly, so this does not collapse. Comes out at the end of a particularly airy loose biscuits.

For those who prefer the smaller version of a birthday pastry has in mind: Small Cupcakes are very trendy and have a nice birthday surprise. The cute mini-cakes are very similar to muffins, their dough is soft and topped with wonderful cream. Again, you can bring variation purely by various toppings, sprinkles and colorful fruits - their imagination knows no limits!

On the following pages we have compiled some of the finest sweet temptations of fall for you, that you can surprise the odd glorious autumn birthday boy or of course yourself or a friend.

Tip: If you do not so for the sweet cakes have is: For fall birthday party also is a bulb or Tarte a great idea!

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