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We always make our dinner fun by taking tasty foods in our table. We make it possible because of good recipes and preparation. They say some recipes are from scratch and others are already prepared mixes, especially nowadays. Just like a Cornbread which can be brought from corn meal and / or corn flour, or from a blend of dry ingredients box. Either way, turned the raw ingredient to finished corn bread. Likewise, Crawfish boil undergoes the same process. You can always create your own ingredients ratio at your own choice. You can always try new ways in cooking it for it is believed that Cajun cooking is an art and not exact science.

That is maybe the reason why the taste of crawfish recipes from Louisiana is different from other place. Therefore, we should bear in mind to get acquainted with the seasonings to correctly estimate the right amount for whatever we are cooking. We can still remember how the people in the South adopt this delicious French food and started using the ingredients where could be grown in swamps. The seafood and even the game that was available locally.

For all we know, that it is not easy to find best crawfish boil mixes in just any local grocery. Most of the time, it is availed through online and be delivered in your door. Now the best thing you can think of to be able to choose the best one is to hear it from the word of the mouth of other customers. Always ask feedbacks from trusted one.

However, the fact that you should know first is the three different forms of seasoning products. They are called mesh bags, liquid and dry or powdered. Though, there are experts that recommend not following the directions on the spice package, it is still best to be guided with the right proportion of seasonings per amount of ingredient of your recipe. We all know that seasoning will be absorbed so you must make sure you are putting the right amount of seasoning for whatever you are cooking.

Of course, the most popular are the crawfish recipes. Usually bell pepper, onions and celery are sauted together which is called the Cajun trinity. Moreover, most Cajun dishes contain roux that will serve as a sort of thickening agent. It is a mixture of flour and oil which is cooked to the desired texture and color. Then, vegetables, meat and spices are added.

I can smell now how delicious is this recipe. However, there are some things to remember before getting excited of your cooking session with this seafood.

First, you should bear in mind that when you buy crawfish or any seafood you should make sure that it is placed in an air tight container with enough ice. For preserving it requires a proper method of storing it. The bacteria easily spread when it is exposed to high or warm temperature. Therefore, it must not be kept for one to two days before being cook and must not be cooked anywhere. This is just to make sure that you will not get a disease from contaminated seafood. Anyways, the crawfish is tasty when cooked fresh.

Second thing, we should remember in cooking and preparing crawfish is to make sure that its body is 100% clean. For less an hour and they are frozen already then you should defrost it under running water. You should keep an eye in cleaning it. First put the live crawfish in a large tub and pour salt over the top of crawfish. Put water just enough to cover the crawfish and slowly stir it so slowly for 3 minutes then rinse. Be careful to cook only the live ones. Once they die the deterioration process is fast and might post a health threat to consumers.

Third thing, use clean or sanitized kitchen utensils and kitchen. Segregate utensils used in the raw seafood from cooked seafood. For pregnant women, it is advisable not to eat raw fish because it might contain bacteria. Of course, that is not good for you and for your baby. Just think of safety first.

Therefore, the most enjoyable and fulfilled dinner is only done by compiling the prerequisite.

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