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There are so many occasions in which the celebration is incomplete without the cake cutting ceremony. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a victory, etc the celebration is not complete till you have a great and grand cake from the market and until you have the lavish cake cutting ceremony.

There are times when you want to celebrate but you do not want to spend too much on the cake. It can also happen that you might not have the time to go to the market and buy one. In all of these situations, the solution is to bake a cake yourself.

And more over making a cake for someone is something very special. While you will enjoy the making process, the other person will also feel happy because he/ she will feel that you really care and that is why you have invested so much time.

Baking a cake is quite an experience in itself.

It includes a whole lot of fun and adventure. The entire process becomes so much fun because you have the anticipation as to how will it look once it has been baked.

If someone told you that baking a cake is difficult, and then listen to me, baking the cake is not difficult. In fact it is quite a simple process.

The process of making cake is simple.


1.  Buy a good recipe book that has details about the ingredients. Depending upon the cake that you want to make, follow the particular cake recipe. You might want to make a chocolate, a fresh cream cake, almond cake, fruit cake, nuts cake, etc.

2. Go to the market and buy all the ingredients that have been mentioned in the recipe book. Also check what all you already have. Make a list of things that you want and go yourself or else send someone to get them. Make sure the list is exhaustive and so that you do not have to go again and again.

3. Once you have all the ingredients with you, now check what all do you have in your kitchen. You should have all the required pans, stirrers and mixers.

You will also need measuring containers because the recipe book mentions the quantity that is required.

4. Take the pan and grease it. This will ensure that the batter will not stick. Mix all the ingredients that are required and stir well. It will be better to use a beater for the same.

5. Place the batter in the pan. At the same time also pre heat the baking oven.

6. Set a timer on the oven and place the container inside the oven. The timer should be according to the recipe book.

7.  You will have to check the batter consistency. It should neither to too thin nor be too thick.

8.  After half timing open the door of the oven and check the progress. Use a toothpick and poke the half baked cake. This will give you an idea as to how much more time is required.

9. Once the cake has been baked take it out of the oven. Keep it in a safe place and let it cool down for some time.

10. Once it is cool, take it put from the container and enjoy cutting and eating the cake.

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