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Step 1
Finding the right mix

The mix is the key ingredient and frankly you get what you pay for. Ever been to a carnival and get a 1/2 inch funnel cake that tastes bland and you wish you would have bought from the funnel cake vendor for $ 1 more to get the real thing? Well the difference is in the mix. Some carnivals use a generic brand mix that costs less so they can make more money. The funnel cake stand I own, I only use premium mix that costs more but has customers coming back for more and the compliments roll in. To buy this premium mix check out my links below under supplies. A single bag will make you about 40 funnel cakes and the mix can last about 2 years in a sealed container.

Step 2
Use the Right cooking Oil

Never use peanut oil because people are allergic to peanuts. Also, peanut oil typically costs more to use.

A regular Crisco or vegetable oil will work just fine for cooking funnel cakes at home. You can get this at your local Walmart or shopping center. Also, do not use olive oil, you will not get the desired taste and it also costs a lot more to use.

Step 3
Use the right powdered sugar

When making a funnel cake you should only use powdered sugar. Regular sugar will not stick to it as much and will produce a cake that is too sweet to eat. Powdered sugar should be applied using a sifter to ensure an even distribution across the funnel cake. You can use any regular powdered sugar from your local grocery store.


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