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As soon as someone says crab cakes, one thinks of Maryland and Baltimore. The state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore, offer the best crab cakes in all of America. Crab cakes are traditional American food offered in the areas around the Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland Specialties

There are two varieties of crab cakes which are offered in Maryland, Boardwalk crab cakes and Restaurant crab cakes. Boardwalk crab cakes are stuffed crab cakes which are breaded for crunch and then deep fried. They are served on hamburgers; whereas Restaurant style are not stuffed, they are all meat .They are served on open sandwich or on a platter. Traditionally Maryland crab cakes are made by blue crab. It is very delicious and those who use the blue crab for their crab cakes are more proud to use them than those who use imported varieties of crabs.


Best places to eat crab cakes

Though there are many places where you can go and eat excellent crab cakes all over America but we will discuss Maryland in particular. Some of the best places to eat crab cakes are, Boatyard bar and grill, Boxhill crab cakes, Costas inn restaurant, Obrycki's crab house, Mo's crab, Crabcake factory, Faidley's seafood, the list goes on but to experience the best crab cakes ever in the whole of Maryland you need to try Angelina's crab cakes.

Angelina's crab cakes

This restaurant was started in 1952 by Angelina Tadduni and her family, it was considered Baltimore's best Crab cake restaurant.  Later it was bought by, Bob and Carole Reilley in 1968.This restaurant has won many awards for its crab cakes since it started. From the day it started, it has been following the traditional, original recipes that set it apart from other places; here you get the most original, traditional American crab cakes made from jumbo lump, the domestic blue crab. 100 percent handmade. They have a simple motto which they follow, "True quality that is worth money"
Many customers wanted to take the crab cakes back to their hometowns, and Bob and Susan Bufano started shipping out the crab cakes in 1993, nationwide.
In 2005,"Angelina's of Maryland" was started. It was started to continue shipping crab cakes nationwide through mail orders.
The website was created and it became separate from the restaurant. In 2008 the original Angelina's crab cake shop closed, but the same original recipe is intact and being used to make crab cakes and mailed nationwide.
The restaurant also serves delicious soups to go with the crab cakes, soups which incorporate the traditional taste of Chesapeake region. All original, fresh, ingredients are used for the soups with a lot of crab meat. Maryland crab soup is a clear soup with lots of spices and fresh crab meat, Cream of crab soup is a rich creamy soup.
Not only does the restaurant serve crab cakes and soups it also serves other seafood delicacies like, salmon filet ,wrapped in crust ,with filling of cream cheese, Marine lobsters in sherry and cheese sauce, Salmon filet with rice flour coating.

For crab cakes and other delicious seafood you need to try the original recipe of Angelina's.

To buy seafood and gourmet food in Maryland, you can visit many places. Try Angelina's crab cakes to experience the truth.


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