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Selecting lesbian wedding cake toppers can be somewhat difficult unless you know where to search! While the majority of bakeries will have cake toppers that are suitable for same-sex couples, you may run into difficulty locating lesbian wedding cake toppers that depict two women dressed casually or both in elegant suits! If your wedding is leaning more towards the casual with you and your partner taking the blue jeans route then it would seem almost downright silly to have a cake topper that depicts two ladies in incredibly formal wear! Picking the right lesbian wedding cake toppers can be frustrating, for sure; however, the following tips can help to point you in the right direction!

Shop Online
There are numerous online retailers that offer same-sex couple wedding cake toppers that can even be customized to be absolutely perfect for your own wedding cake! If you find yourself struggling to locate the perfect options in lesbian wedding cake toppers then consider seeking out a company that will design a complete custom wedding cake topper for your cake!

Ask Friends For Suggestions
If you find yourself without an idea as to the best in lesbian wedding cake toppers then consider asking your friends for suggestions. Perhaps one of your recently married friends has a suggestion for a topper for your wedding cake; perhaps they can recommend a retailer that was able to provide them with the perfect cake topper for their own wedding!

No Cake Topper!
Consider the option of not topping your cake off with a little figurine; while it would seem that lesbian wedding cake toppers are more geared towards the traditional wedding theme, this is your opportunity to stand out a little more in the sea of weddings that your guests will attend consider doing away completely with the cake topper and perhaps opt for additional flowers or other cake decorations like a snowboard, a horse, or something that depicts an important aspect of your shared lives.

In the event that you find yourself at a complete loss as to which cake toppers will be the best option for your wedding cake try not to stress too much about it! Talk to your cake designer and find out if they have an idea or a suggestion perhaps they can even find a way to incorporate a favored photograph of you and your partner into the cake! For additional guidance pay a visit to http://www.gayweddingdestinations.com/lesbianweddingcaketoppers!


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