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Cakes are loved by everyone.. They differ in forms, sizes and themes. You can find delicious cakes in a very low price.But baking your own recipe adds value. Have you ever wonder how to make and decorate your own cake? There is a way on how you can make this dream a reality. Nowadays, online tools in decorating cakes and other treats are available to the general public. These tools are simple and very easy to use.Here's an instruction on how you can find an online tool to help you start decorating as soon as possible.


1. Visit or browse on sites like YummyArts.Com and FergusonPlarre.Com. These sites have a program that is called "design-a-cake". This is made particularly for cake styling and designing.
2. Start with the preliminaries. Imagine the cake that you want to come up.Decide among the different cake styles and flavors that you can find online.

Choose the cake flavor. Don't be disappointed that some of the cake designing programs will not have the exact option that you want. You can just pick a flavor and tell the baker the specific flavor that you want.
4. Decide the shape (such as rounded, square and rectangular) and size of the cake. Commonly, birthday cake sizes are ranging from 8" to 16".
5. When choosing the color of the cake, make sure that you consider the theme of the occasion.
6. Select the right design of the cake topper. You can use options that are readily available from the site. Better yet, upload your own photo give the cake a more personalized look. If you don't want any image in the cake, you can just leave it blank.   
7. Choose the most appropriate custom greetings for the occasion like "happy birthday", "happy anniversary" and "happy holidays" and so on. Of course, you can still leave it blank if you want.

Following these simples steps will help you in creating your very own cake. Remember that baking a cake can be overwhelming. Just have fun!

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