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Unique wedding cake toppers are fun to see on top of your confection treat during the wedding reception. The use of wedding cake toppers has been present even years back. Traditionally, figurines of the bride and groom are placed atop the cake. But as of today, many unique ideas have been thought resulting to varied decorative pieces used as cake toppers. This will make your wedding cake not only a sweet treat for your guests but a unique centerpiece as well.

Aside from making your cake looks decorative, cake toppers hold a significant meaning to the occasion. Putting a wedding cake topper represents tradition especially when using bride and groom figurines. It becomes a symbolism of love, respect and abundance for the life that they will be spending together. Use a cake topper that will best represent the theme of your wedding by using particular color, symbol and other decorations to coordinate with your motif.

Unique wedding cake toppers can also represent humor.

Couples can choose a cake topper that will reflect your playful personalities and cause your guests to chuckle. Funny toppers are becoming popular because of the peculiar meaning its gives the wedding cake. Unique wedding cake toppers can be a portrayal of the couple's personalities, hobbies, and lifestyles. Wedding cake toppers can be a better reminder of your big day. Aside from photos and videos, you can keep your cake toppers as one of the memoirs of wedding.

So how do you find unique wedding cake toppers that will make your cake matchless? There are lots of ways that you can do. One is to do it yourself. If you have the skill or the gift in making art pieces like this, then you can craft your own. In making your own unique wedding cake toppers, you can think of inspiration that will help you in creating a truly one of a kind.

Think of things or memories on how you first met, your first date, your favorite hobby together and other stuff that you can draw inspiration from in deciding the cake topper that you want to create to make it look unique.

A unique flower arrangement can become a beautiful cake topper also. Florists are good on this one and they can also help out in putting the cake topper. Options can be fresh flowers or edible flower icing. The color of flower can coordinate with the wedding theme. Other exceptional wedding cake toppers include those with comical appeal, jeweled monogrammed toppers where you can put your name's initials, and figurines of powerful or magical creatures like butterflies, swans, dolphins or even teddy bears.

A wide range of wedding cake toppers selection is available nowadays from simple to more unique decorations. You can have it done exclusively for you based on your preference to make it more personalized and incomparable. You can also look through the Internet so many great and helpful ideas. So if you want to make your cake topper to be exceptional, start finding for unique wedding cake toppers that will complement your cake.

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