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The wedding cake is often the focal point of any wedding reception. Some wedding planners think that the cake is the first thing you should choose and then you should build the rest of the event around that design. Before the bride and groom arrive people often mill around the wedding cake table to get a look at the cake. It is often one of the only things in the room that they can admire until the honored guests arrive. You should try make your wedding cake memorable and consistent with the theme and colors of your wedding.

Even though many people choose to keep the same theme or color scheme going with their cake as was seen in the wedding ceremony, that is not absolutely necessary. You can decorate you wedding cake any way you like. Some people simply choose a funny cake topper to add some of their personality to the cake while others come up with elaborate cake designs.

Both a simple and an elaborate wedding cake can be beautiful.

When considering what kind of cake batter you will use in your wedding cake, try to consider the tastes of your guests. While it is your day, you do want your guests to enjoy it too. Try to pick flavors that are appealing to almost everybody like yellow, white, or chocolate. Even if your favorite kind of cake is banana, many people might not like that. If you have your heart set on some exotic type of cake, then you can have a small personal cake made for the bride and groom or even a separate groom's cake.

The cutting of the wedding cake is a traditional part of most wedding receptions. The bride and groom make the first cuts of the cake and feed each other some of the first piece. Some people will smash the cake into each others faces while other swill feed with a fork.

There is no right or wrong way to participate in this ritual, but the couple should decide ahead of time how they want to handle it so that there are no hurt feelings or misunderstandings. Another traditional associated with the wedding cake is that the bride and groom are supposed to save the top layer of the cake to eat on their first wedding anniversary. So, when you are considering how big of a cake to get for your reception, remember not to include the top layer in the slices available.

Janel has planned a few weddings and knows a thing or two about wedding cakes. If you want to make your wedding a memorable day, remember to plan your wedding cake details.


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