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Wheat free cake may seem a bit of a misnomer for some people, but, with the increased availability of other types of flour it is now a real option. Why would you want cake without wheat flour? Wheat flour is very high in gluten which is a carbohydrate. If you have a Candida infection it is generally recommended you remove wheat flour from your diet.

Over the last hundred years or so the growth of the transport industry has changed the way we live. While it has brought problems from immigration and with ethnic minorities it has also brought many benefits. One of these is the ability to buy foodstuffs that would not have been generally available in the region you live.

Apart from herbs and spices you can also buy nutritional flours from all corners of the globe. Here is a small selection...

Millet flour is a good source of silica and protein and is easily digestible.

It is used in many African and Asian countries as a cereal.

Sorghum flour is similar to millet and is used to make unleavened bread. It is an important part of the staple diet in India and Africa.

Quinoa flour was used over 5,000 years ago by the Incas. It is an excellent source of protein especially if you are vegetarian.

Amaranth flour is a good source calcium, magnesium and silica. It is widely used in Mexico.

These are a short selection of the most popular flours as there are many more alternatives available.

Flours such as cornflour and arrowroot are very light and are more suited for sauces although they can be mixed with other flours to change texture or flavor.

Some alternative flours are derivatives of wheat and should be avoided. Among these are Bulgar, Durum and Graham flour.

Also Generic flour such as self raising, cake, and granary are usually made from wheat.

Gluten is the starch that holds cake or bread together after baking and although many of the alternative flours lack, or only have very little gluten it is still possible to make bread or cake that is a passable substitute.

Bicarbonate of soda is a good substitute rising agent instead of yeast and there are a number of recipes around for muffin style cakes.

Unfortunately a yeast free diet also means that sugar is not part of your diet. This is where your imagination will have to be exercised. Mix in some fresh herbs for a savory cake or bread or possibly crush a sweetener and add to the mix, the choice is yours. Even if you are on a yeast free diet, you can still have your wheat free cake and eat it.

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