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People are getting more health conscious these days. And a part of that is cutting on sweets. That is why the trend is to make healthier recipes. This does not mean having uninteresting dishes and pastries though. In fact, more and more people have been creative in making their cakes healthier. For instance, people have been favoring a carrot cake over the richer and sweeter cakes. Still, more effort should be emphasized in choosing a healthier carrot cake too. The aim is to maintain the great taste and at the same time to make the cake a healthy food to eat.

Bake Your Own Carrot Cake

Again, having a healthy cake does not mean taking away the enjoyment of eating a cake. With a healthier carrot cake eating a cake will no longer be a sin for the health conscious people.

And so you really get the best from the cake. Aside from great taste you also get the nutrients you need in your diet.

Since you won’t really know what you are eating unless you bake it yourself, you should make an effort to bake the cake yourself. This way you would be able to choose only the best quality and most of all the healthiest ingredients.

For instance, you could choose whole wheat flour for the cake. You can choose organic carrots and eggs. For butter and sugar, you can also choose the healthier variety or substitute. You can also choose tasty but still healthier icing or frosting. For toppings, nuts or desiccated coconut are healthy options.

Substitute One Ingredient at a Time

While baking your own cake, the trick to making it healthier is to substitute certain ingredients with healthier ones.

However, you should try not to change almost everything at once. This may abruptly change the taste that you are used to. The idea is to change one ingredient at a time. For instance, you can substitute sugar with a pureed fruit. This will subtly change the sweetness and add a fruity flavor. Then next time perhaps you can also change the type of butter you are using. If you are not yet doing so, you can try using whole wheat flour after that too. This will help you get used to the taste and eventually adjust to it. And so, you would eventually end up with a healthy carrot cake recipe. You will not have to compromise with the taste if you have grown to love it. At the same time, your body would also enjoy more nutrients without getting the extra calories and cholesterol.

Experiment with the Recipe

Even if you have been seriously following the recipe for some time, you should not be afraid to substitute ingredients. You may also add certain healthy ingredients as well. You can do certain variations with the recipe just to make the cake healthier. And since, you are the one baking you can always revert back to the old recipe and try a new thing next time until you find the recipe that gives you the taste and nutrients that suit you.

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