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Annette Sym's story is truly an inspirational weight loss story. She lost her weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle - and by losing weight I don't mean 10 or 20 pounds - She lost around 70 pounds. She replaced her unhealthy eating habits with exercise and low fat foods. She hates dieting and so did not want to miss out on eating her favorite foods to lose weight. Instead she came up with low fat recipes for almost everything - low fat versions for butter chicken, curries, burgers, cheese cakes and even for chocolate cakes. Annette has a sweet tooth and she loves cakes and she still eats them regularly them - thanks to her low fat recipes.

Her healthy eating was the secret behind her dress size - from size 24 to size 12. The amazing thing in this true story is the fact that she lost seventy pounds and managed to keep it off for nearly 2 decades.

Had she opted for pills or diets or any other such fads there is no way she could have managed to keep it off for such a long time.

After losing her weight, Annette decided to put together all her recipes into a cookbook and sell the book - She self published her book as she could not find a publisher to back it. Her book is called 'Symply Too Good To Be True'. All her recipes have the nutritional information as well (Calories, saturated fat, fat etc etc).

The book was an instant success - people loved the book, because all her recipes tasted good but had hardly any effect on their waist lines. She recently published the American version of this cookbook and this too is a huge success.

I recently bought a copy of the book and now my cooking styles have changed dramatically - Same taste (actually better) but much less fat.

Here is an example - I love Thai food - lot of coconut milk in Thai recipes - 40-odd grams of fat a cup - but with Annette Sym's Recipe, it is only 4 grams.

Sandy Naidu is a work at home mother. Sandy's website, DotComMothers, features interviews with women business owners. She recently interviewed Annette Sym of Symply Too Good - Annette Sym Recipes. This business mom is the queen of low fat cookbooks. Read her story at Annette Syms Recipes.


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