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It has often been said that there are three main ingredients to any wedding. The bride, the groom, and the cake for the wedding - not necessarily in that order. And many would probably agree that the most important part of the wedding cake is the cake topper.

These cake toppers are ornaments or figurines that sit on top of the wedding cake during the wedding ceremony. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the cake toppers are retained by the bride and groom and kept by them as keepsakes and a reminder of their wedding day.

Cake toppers come in many different forms. They can be funny, serious, outlandish, staid - in other words, whatever the couple decides that they like. The important thing is that whichever one you choose should represent your feelings as a couple towards each other.

Some of the more higher priced and popular cake topper providers do not keep much merchandise on their shelves.

Instead, they will custom design and create cake toppers for their clientele. Understandably, wedding cake toppers bought from these establishment are normally non-refundable. Keep this fact in mind if you are leaning towards a custom made solution.

But even if you can't afford a custom made solution or decide that you don't need or want a fully custom made cake topper, this doesn't meant that you are limited to settling for "off the shelf" items. Many providers will allow you to buy customized toppers and will also give you a plethora of choices to embellish and customize them with different accessories.

Some of the most unique and beautiful wedding cake toppers are made of hand blown glass. In the hands of a skilled artisan such a topper becomes a unique work or art that has value even if it weren't set atop a wedding cake.

One of the premier artists in this field is Frank J. Horvath who has been creating and refining his craft for over thirty years. You can find his work at various sites on the Internet.

Porcelain is another material that many artist use to create unique works of art. Porcelain designed cake toppers add a touch of elegance to what might ordinarily be considered a simple design. Glazed porcelain is a very popular choice, especially among traditionalists who simply love its beauty. These toppers are considered fine china by many.

As the years pass and cultures change, it becomes more evident each day that there really is no such thing as a "standard" wedding cake topper. Today, even the most mundane and ordinary wedding services provider will be able to offer a slew of custom and unique cake toppers that will make the normal bride very happy.

Wedding cakes have a reputation as being more for show than taste. And, all in all, the wedding cake topper is a "showpiece" for the cake. It's meant to dramatize and highlight the beginning of a new life for the just married couple and to serve as an indelible memory of this special day in their lives.

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