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The most important of all is the food and dining during Christmas Eve. People laboriously prepare for food to be served, from appetizers, to main course, wine, and dessert. Thus, Christmas Cakes are also significant during Christmas celebrations. Some people serve homemade cakes, some purchase from famous bakeries and cake shops. There are varied kinds of cakes which can be served in time for the holidays. The most renowned kinds of cakes are the Scottish Christmas cakes which contain Scotch whisky, made light and crumbly. However, other options like sponge cakes, glazed, moist, nutty, fruity, or creamy cakes are ideal for the yuletide season. Christmas cakes are also perfect for Christmas gifts. Most of Christmas cakes have longer shelf lives for people to enjoy them more. Traditionally, people put wrapped silver coins on top of the cakes as lucky charms.

Christmas cakes in Japan are mostly spongy type, covered with whipped cream, and topped with fruits and chocolates. While in the Philippines, the traditional cake is drenched in brandy or rum, topped with caramel syrup. Cakes are often eaten during the Christmas Eve. Certainly, people from diverse origins have their own way of celebrating Christmas with different Christmas cakes.

On the other hand, Christmas Carols always play important roles in Christmas celebrations, especially in parties. It is perceived that Christmas parties are incomplete without the famous and favorite carols. Christmas songs definitely intensify the spirit of the yuletide season. In most countries, carolers go from one house to another to sing songs according to their on styles and gimmicks. Leaving them empty-handed is most likely unfavorable and discouraging for the carolers. Hence, Christmas carols begun in the 13th century in Italy, when Saint Francis of Assisi offered songs of praises for Jesus Christ.

Consequently, carols are frequently associated with Christmas Bells. Nevertheless, Christmas carols are mostly accompanied by the sound of ringing bells. Also, carolers bring their sets of music instruments, and Christmas bells are sure one essential tool for producing amazing carols. Indeed, Christmas cakes, carols and bells are inseparable features and traditions of the much-awaited Christmas season.

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