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The christmas season is here and it´s time to look up on the internet for some christmas desserts recipes. We want to prepare something special for our family and friends. Dazzle them with our desserts. But sometimes we run out of ideas and we get frustrated because we want to cook something new and we can´t find the right recipe.

There are a lot of christmas desserts recipes waiting to be prepared. We need to taste new and delicious foods. It´s really hard to find a e-cookbook with pictures, I´ve tried it! This happens to me, i´m baking and then i need to see if i´m doing right, if the cookies look this way. Where can i see it!!

Ok, so if you´re like me. Looking for new and delicious christmas desserts recipes to dazzle your family and friends.

Here are some ideas. Some of them new, some of them favorites.

5 Christmas Desserts Recipes Ideas

1. Fruit Cake. A world´s favorite! The very famous and delicious fruit cake is a must in ever single christmas dinner. You may have a different recipe, but all of them are delicious.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies. The kids love them! and the big ones too! The perfect present for Santa. There´s one secret chocolate chip cookies recipe that i can share with you! All my family love it!

3. Raffaello Bonbons. An elegant and new christmas dessert recipe. I´m sure your family and friend will love it!! Soft and delicious

4. Gingerbread Figurines. Who can forget those crunchy and colorful gingerbread men? This time you may want to change your recipe.

Try new ingredients!

5. Anise Biscotti. All i can say it´s, yummy! Aromatic and perfect with a glass of latte. They are also perfect as a christmas gift for your loved ones. This is a new recipe, and just prepare them carefully.

I hope you´ve enjoyed this 5 christmas desserts recipes ideas. Try this year to prepare some new desserts, your family will be glad. I must say that it´s much better to bake than to buy, so if you want to dazzle your family with delicious and new christmas desserts recipes, i highly recommend you the 101 Never Fail Christmas Dessert Recipes e-cookbook. You can see more informacion about it below.

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