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Wedding cake is not only the main centerpiece of the wedding but they represent the happiness of the newly wed couple. Wedding planning not only involves wedding reception planning but one also has to decide the wedding cake style. You have so many new, elaborate wedding cake ideas that one tends to get confused! Do you know the history behind wedding cakes? Use your creativity in choosing the different delicious wedding cake recipes and icing to make your wedding cake special. You can choose from cappuccino flavoring, lemon, lime or orange flavored cakes. You can try different variety of the popular flavor chocolate with almonds, cashews, fruits and walnuts. The Mexican chocolate cake, double fudge devil's cake and German chocolate cake are few of the delicious wedding cake flavors. There are many interesting and uncommon flavors like carrot, spice, vanilla, banana, pumpkin, apple, marble, coconut and red marble.

Pick an unique flavor for your wedding cake that has an edge over the traditional cakes.Other wedding cake recipes to entice the taste buds of the wedding guests include Cassata, fresh strawberry cake, Italian cream cake, orange marmalade and lemon cake, pineapple cake and raspberry liqueur cake. The wedding cake recipes for unique icing flavors include butter cream, whipped cream, fondant, marzipan, spun sugar and pastillage. Ganache is another such unique icing flavor that is made from a combination of chocolate and heavy cream. It is poured over the cakes for a glass-like chocolate finish. You should decide about the wedding cake design, colors and flavors with the wedding cake baker and come up with a cake that's unique and one of a kind. You can brainstorm with the baker and come up with beautiful, mesmerizing wedding cake designs. You should place the wedding cake order well in advance and have the order and details regarding the wedding cake style written on paper by the baker or wedding cake supplier. The order should also include the date, time and place of delivery, amount of payment and other delivery instructions. Ask your baker to provide you with a mini replica of the cake before finalizing the order for the 'big day'. Go ahead and have a slice of fun and excitement with your wedding cake! Then, have your baker make a cake for each table at the reception. Two layers are adequate and the size depends on how many will be seated at each table. Eight inch for a more intimate setting. Twelve inch for a larger group. The decorations could be a simpler version of the Bride's cake or could be a compliment to the wedding itself. For instance, the cakes could match the bridesmaids' dresses and bouquets. Or they could all be gold or silver to match the wedding rings. A group of mini cakes or collection of cupcakes might fit your theme better. Maybe the cupcakes could be decorated like the flowers in the wedding? Put a charger of choice in the center of each table, a toile, or whatever would fit in with your theme, then put the cakes on top. Be sure to provide a knife for each table and you have a wonderful centerpiece. Not too high. Not too low. Not combustible. Just right! After the customary "feeding-each-other-slathering-faces-with-icing" photo session, the guests don't have to stand in line waiting for cake. They are also able to control portion sizes and don't have to be embarrassed about going for seconds. In regards to costs, your wedding cake is smaller than normal and the guest table cakes eliminate the need for extra sheet cakes. The individual guest cakes also take the place of whatever you would have spent on the centerpieces such as flowers, vases, and ribbons. The money saved therefore helps offset the price of the cakes. The chargers can be purchased in a bulk or discount store and the cake serving sets might be included in the table setting price. The unique idea of using small cakes as centerpieces will not only help personalize your wedding reception, but your guests will thoroughly enjoy the edible centerpieces.Weddings are considered to be a happy occasion where the entire focus is on the bride. However, for the bride-to-be, her concentration is stuck on making everything more than perfect for her dream wedding. Getting all the decorations, flowers, food, and tons of other stuff ready takes a lot out of anyone. Although all these little elements is what sets the mood for the occasion, the wedding cake takes a considerable amount of attention. And as it is a traditional focal point for the celebrations, choosing the perfect wedding cake is also important. But with the recent economic upheaval, wedding cake prices are rising ntinuously.Many couples can get disappointed due the rise in prices and might not be able to fit their choice of cake into their budget. However, there are certain factors which affects the average wedding cake prices, and that is what you need to keep in mind while shopping for the cake. In the following article, we will see how the wedding cakes prices are decided and what you can do to save some money.To create the masterpiece, wedding cakes take many man hours. The final work of art depends on the choice of icing, cake decorating, the size of the tiers, and the number of servings you want. Which in fact are some of the factors that affect your overall wedding cake prices. Below, we have given detailed information on the prices and its determinants.The smooth and delicious looking buttercream wedding cakes make for the best wedding cakes that are delicious and a treat to the eyes too. Almost all couples prefer to have buttercream wedding cakes at their wedding reception and guests are known to enjoy them thoroughly. Preparing a buttercream wedding cake at home is easy. In case you have a wedding of a friend or a loved one coming up, or you would like to make one as surprise for your would-be spouse, there are number of buttercream wedding cake recipes that you can use for this purpose. If you are wondering how to make buttercream wedding cake, here's how you can go about it.To make a buttercream wedding cake, begin with baking plain, non-flavored cakes in the tier size that you desire for the wedding cake and wait for it to cool down. Remember to line the baking pans with parchment paper for baking. Once it cools down, place each of the cakes on a foam-board round and refrigerate it for around 6 hours. Then, remove the firm cake from the refrigerator, place a foam-board on the top side of the cake and invert the cake with the foam-board on the base on a turntable. Split the cake into half using serrated knife and rotate using the turntable. Using a pastry brush, brush one surface of the cake half with flavored sugar syrup. Then, pipe the buttercream frosting on both the surfaces of the cake and once done replace the top layer of the cake. Repeat this for all the cakes and then place them on tiers. Read more on wedding cake ideas.


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