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This was a triumph. Being that the first part of their name is of a town in Derbyshire it should be no surprise that the desserts originates from Bakewell.  This is the only town in the Peak District National Park and is well known for the cake Bakewell tart.

I'm make a note here: HUGE success. A Bakewell Tart is a cake that is a shortcrust pastry that has a layer of jam, which is then covered with a sponge filling that is made with grounded up almonds inside this is known as frangipane.  Sometimes they are covered with nuts like peanuts and almond or they have alternative flavours such as blackcurrant, strawberry and apple.  But the most popular variation of this dessert is the Cherry Bakewell, this is a Bakewell tart that is similar to the regular tart but the frangipane is covered with a top layer of sweet almond flavoured icing, which in its self is topped of with a single half glacĂ© cherry.  This is also known as a Bakewell Cake

When everyone thinks about Bakewell tarts they often confuse it with the cherry Bakewell but the original form of the Bakewell tart is the Bakewell Pudding (which is also called the Bakewell tart)
A Bakewell Pudding is a more flaky pastry that has a layer of jam and has a egg and almond filling.  Bakewell is the town where it originates from but there are reports that it came from Rushbottom Lane.  The recipe is said to have come about from an accident as there was a misunderstanding between Mrs Graves, Mistress of the Inn, and her cook.  At the White Horse Inn (which is now known as the Rutland Arms) was visiting Noble men who had ordered Strawberry tarts Mrs Greaves told the cook  to mix an egg mixture into the pastry but the cook spread it on top of the jam.  The cook had misheard Mrs Greaves instructions, which meant that she was making a pudding rather than a tart.  The pudding was served with new tarts being made just in case they didn't like them but the result was unexpected as they loved the puddings.

There are some conflicts about who sells the the cakes by the original recipe though as both Bakewell Pudding Shop and the Bakewell Tart Shop sake their claim.  But what those who love the original recipe are more disgusted by is the success of the Mr Kipling branded cakes that out sell both shops and are popular all over the country.  The Cherry Bakewell in the Mr Kipling brand is not the same as the original Cherry Bakewell and is not even made in Derbyshire so you can see why they are a bit miffed about it.  The Kipling brand has variations and spin/one off's that spawned from the Bakewell tarts/Cherry Bakewell such as the toffee apple Bakewell, Neapolitan Bakewell, festive, Bakewell slices and many more which is why you can see they sell loads more than the shops combined.  There is an alcoholic beverage version of the cake as well.  It is called a Cherry Bakewell shot, this is made by putting together amaretto, cherry liquor and Baileys.

Next time you visit your Peak District holiday homes in Bakewell and feel like having a snack why not just go down to one of the shops and try an authentic cake rather than a fake cake the only problems you will have though is deciding which one to have a tart or pudding and also deciding on what shop you are going to.

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