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The month of February brings Valentines Day, the beautiful occasion dedicated to love. This is the holiday of love,romance and beauty. For the past few centuries, it had been the day for romantic celebrations. In the present age, it has become a holiday for everyone.

Valentines Day is not only a holiday for lovers, it is an occasion for all people. It is a time celebrated by kids as well as adults.

Food is an integral part of Valentines Day celebrations, much like other holidays. In the US and elsewhere, Valentines Day witnesses fervid festivities that include preparation of a lot of foods. It has become a custom for people to buy and gift candies, chocolates and cakes. While many Valentines Day celebrants go for buying these foods, many also love making these at home. Many people love to throw a Valentines Day feast making cookies, cakes, cupcakes, truffles and other foods at home.

Observing a Valentines Day party at home is very popular in western nations.

Many hosts use a Valentines Day party as a splendid opportunity to surprise their guests with their culinary skills. It is another reason why Valentines Day recipes have gained greater popularity.

A lot of people look for Valentines Day recipes to make mouthwatering dishes simply to give a treat to their friends, parents, lovers and spouses. Many extended family members meet up during this occasion to have fun with each other. Foods add the right festive note to such family Valentines Day celebrations.

Holiday fun is just incomplete without good Valentines Day dishes. Vegetarian as well as non vegetarian cuisines are cooked up during the occasion. Chocolate cakes, butter cookies, butter biscuits, roasted chicken and lamb cuisines are some of the most popular dishes for Valentines Day celebrations.

Such is the attraction of these foods that even those who do not love celebrating Valentines Day cannot resist making or enjoying lip-smacking cuisines during the holiday.

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