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It is really a beautiful picture of the bride and groom with the most blessedness cutting the cake which is accepted as a form of bond that heralds the sweet beginning of the new couple. Not as important as the wedding dress or the ideal venue for the reception, wedding cake stands can also be important as it is not only for support but also do a big job to display that sweet things beautifully. Therefore, a stand is often used at wedding to show off that delicious yet stylish cake.

Types of the stands vary a lot. As most wedding cakes are three-tire, a required stand that is capable to hold such a style of cake is normally square or round. It could be an unraised cake plate, a plateau stand, or a pedestal stand. Additionally glass, acrylic, ceramic, metal or even single-use styrofoam cake stands could be used for a nice-looking wedding cake. Besides there are numerous styles of stands available to accommodate the wide variations of cakes.

To finish an elegant and eye-poping appearance, grouped arrangements can be also important.

As the stands of all sorts and types are available for grouped arrangements to look chic and trendy. Each cake can be displayed individually on its own stand for its beautiful appearance. Here are some great ways to show off your palatable cakes: stair-step format for a dazzling look, a rounded appearance symmetrically in a delicate manner, a cascading look to be more visually spectacular, or asymmetrically grouping with the unique personality.

When it comes to choosing the stand, it would be never right or wrong as long as the stand provides adequate support. Ask your bakery first to be sure your option of cake stand can be acceptable to hold and display what you have.

With a chic tier wedding cake stand to hold and show off some sweetness and beauty at your wedding, take a beautiful picture of the wedding cake to complete your memorable wedding photo album!

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