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The HCG diet is a very strict dieting strategy that severely limits caloric intake, for it allows only 500 calories per day. But the dieter can easily be satisfied with it because fat stores are released to provide the energy needed. The foods consumed, which is so little quantities, should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates, fats, and void of junk foods. All of the following recipes are suitable because they are low in calories and fat.

Now people in growing numbers are beginning to believe that HCG has good effects on losing weight. How does it work? The answer is that follow the recipes which is definitely accepted that plays an important role in helping people get slim. Every kind of recipes does it work.

1. Fruit such as apple, lemon, orange can help digest greasy food is can also supplement adequate nutrients people needed.

2. Do not take rice, noodle or meat for staple food because they contain lots of calories. Instead, having some vegetables such as chicory, red radishes, cabbage, onions are quite well or eat some cakes.

3. Drinks as tea or coffee is acceptable but with little sugar. Juice or milk should have low fat. Don't neglect water the most common liquid which is good for you health also for losing weight.

Not all HCG Diet Recipes listed here are permitted by all HCG diet protocols, so be sure to check ingredients and measurements according to your own HCG Diet Menu plan. The great importance is that we have to limit calorie below 500 per day for which is better to reduce weight. As long as we obey the protocol the promise is bond to come true.

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