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Cream puffs are the sweetest cakes that one can ever eat. They are prepared from a very simple recipe that any person can understand easily without any struggle. If anyone has ever tasted them after being prepared by a person who really knows how to go about them, then he or she can explain their deliciousness properly. They are very easy to make and have this unique taste that cannot be compared with any other taste in this world. Even people have never seen it can fall in love with once they have seen it. This is because they are normally small round pastry shell and have smooth pastry cream that are chocolate glazed.

Cream puffs are made using Choux pastry. It is also used to make the profiteroles and Éclairs. Choux pastry is used when preparing things like Paris-Brest, a giant puff ring with flavored cream that makes it very delicious.  Though Choux pastry is used to make sweet things it can also be used to prepare snacks and appetizers.

The cake has a range of variety, this include the Profiteroles, chocolates Éclairs and many more.

 The cake usually has a very simple recipe to understand. The process of preparing the cake starts by obtaining the necessary ingredients. They ingredients comprise of 125g of butter, one cup of water, one cup of plain, pinch of salt and four beaten eggs. This ingredient should be measured appropriately with exaggerating the quantities. The ingredients depend on the number of people one is preparing for.

After determining the amount of each ingredient then the preparation process starts. First one needs to sieve the flour and the salt.

Then dissolve butter in water and put it to boil. Add as you beat the flour to make a smooth mixture. Chef for about  2 to 4 minutes till a shiny mixture  that forms one lump and cool it for several minutes. Then add eggs systematically while mixing it well each time addition is made. This should be done using a wooden spoon for well mixture and better results. Afterwards use wet trays to place the mixture using spoon to measure the exact quantities. After completion in placing them in wet trays, bake it at temperature of 220 for 14 to 16 minutes and should be regulated well. Then reduces the heat to 191 Celsius and this should take about 30 to 35 minutes. When that time is over take them off the oven and do some little slit to make the steam released. After the steam is released then serve them.

Cream puffs are so delicious and tasty. Its varieties like the Profiterole and Éclairs use the same recipe only that some ingredients differ but not so much.  It has an easy and an exciting way of preparing it. When one tastes the delicious cake he or she will completely fall in love with them and that he or she will never ever think of anything else apart from Cream puffs cakes.

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