Below you'll find our gallery of Halloween cake ideas and photos. If you end up with a cool cake, or already have some cool cake photos and tips to share, In honor of all the Halloween Recipes this Directory page is dedicated to spooky cakes. The cake was made of chocolate cake, chocolate fondant and white chocolate ganache... There are a number of Halloween cake ideas to help make this time of year extra special. The best Halloween cake ideas are those that take shape in the spirit of the season. Many scenes are easily made by using a sheet cake. You can have the cake be single sheet or many sheets. For example, if you wanted to make a graveyard cake, you could take a sheet cake, color it gray and create an inscription with icing. Food coloring, icing and candies are great ways to add details to your cake. Complicated-looking Halloween cakes can be as easy as, well, pie, if you’re creative with your cake decorating materials.
From creepy creature and haunted house themes to bright harvest festivals, Halloween parties are fun for every age.
Halloween cake ideas Pumpkin Harvest. Decorate with orange and green, and serve pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies and other orange food. Halloween cake ideas An Informal Victorian Halloween
For an informal Victorian Halloween, hold a party that mimics a barn dance. A Formal Victorian Halloween cake ideas
A formal Victorian Halloween cake ideas party must include all the indulgence of any fancy dinner party. Graveyard Cake: Bake a sheet cake - it’s entirely up to you if you want to make layers or not. Cover your Halloween cake ideas in white fondant tinted with a brown-green color. Kitty Litter Cake: As gross as it sounds it’s intriguing to make. Make 2 sheet Halloween cake ideas and choose a filling. Once your Halloween cake ideas is made put the bottom layer in to the cat pan, add the filling then the second cake. Haunted House: This type of Halloween cake ideas can go one of two ways. The cake can be covered with poured fondant or iced.
Bleeding Head: Much like the haunted house Halloween cake ideas you will be making at least 5-8 9” round cakes. Cover the cake with chocolate modeling clay paying attention to the details of the face Halloween cake ideas like (mouth, eyes etc.).

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