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Through my simple and effective step-by-step baking videos, youll be able to delight and impress your friends and family as you all tuck into some seriously delicious cakes BAKED BY YOU!
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I can guarantee that two hours from now, you could have a freshly baked and decorated cake in front of you, ready to serve up for that dinner party or picnic. And just imagine the looks of surprise and envy on your guests faces when you tell them casually, Oh, I just whipped it up this afternoon! Trust me, its the best feeling :)

Here are some common problems when it comes to baking a beautiful, delicious cake:
* I dont know what all the baking terms, like cream and fold, mean!
* The instructions are confusing I dont know how important the order, or brand or type, of ingredients is!
* How do I know when the cake is ready to take out the oven?
* How do I get the cake cleanly out of the tin?
* Now that its baked, how do I decorate or present the cake so it looks fabulous?
* I just want to be able to bake two or three great cakes that are delicious AND versatile!
* I dont have fancy appliances or a gourmet budget what are some quick and easy recipes I can just whip up in one mixing bowl, bake and serve??
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Now, if youre nodding your head in agreement and frustration too dont worry, youre not alone! There are truly THOUSANDS of people who have that sweet tooth, want to be able to bake, but just cant get their cakes to turn out well! Hell, I was one of them!

Seeing so many people get discouraged over baking inspired me to compile a library of the best baking tips and tricks that ensure a perfect cake every time...

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