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Have you ever baked a cake and wished someone could have showed you what to do or you could have follow a video to see just how to make your cake? I know I do sometimes. Now I am not a baker but I do sometimes have parties and wished I could have a video helping me out.

I know when I used to sell cakes at plenty of bake sales it was always the usual. Yellow Cake, Devils Food or Pound Cake. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those kind of cakes, but I always wanted to bake cakes that looked interesting, different and good so good you couldn't wait to stick your finger in there.

Now my mother is a cake baker and here again she doesn't know many cake variations but the cakes she does make they were good.

I wanted to start my own cake decorating business, but realized that I just wanted to eat the cakes when they were done.

I wasn't ready. But I had some friends who enjoyed doing cake baking and cookie decorating creating different recipes and always looking for a bake sale or doing parties. By me being a Small Business Coach I could get them to start their own business and start realizing their dreams.

I told them that I would find a way for them to learn how to do this where it wouldn't cost them so much money but that it would be fun. That you could learn from the experts and be shown what to do. I also said that I could find a network of like minded people who wouldn't mind sharing their experiences and skills with you, would you be willing to join a membership?

They said why not, Ms. Biz Coach (that's what they called me) we could learn things monthly and be kept updated have step by step information, access to hundreds of cakes and recipes and members who could share their knowledge and experiences.

So I said here are the things I need you do to to get started with making your Cake business work for you.


Find a good cake decorating business online
2. Subscribe and become a member
3. Network with other members
4. Try new cake Creations
5. Always try new recipes
6. Start making your dreams come true

In encourage you to learn more about cake & cookie decorating and start realizing your dream to making the best cakes & cookies you can imagine. Stop struggling with trying to find recipes, get the help you deserve.

Pam Knight is a Small Business Coach that specializes in working with small business who struggle with their marketing and want to get clients on a consistent basis. And now I invite you to finally find out the secrets behind Cake & Cookie decorating so that you can achieve the financial success you want and deserve in your own life. Client Business Services, LLC.


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