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Similiar to couples' preferences for chosing wedding dress and rings that emerge then submerge, styles and fashions for wedding cakes are successively altering. A number of rising trends in creating wedding cakes enables couples to have more options, though, it's also not easy to curtail alternatives to decide exactly what will be a perfect cake for their big day. These are some of the newest global trends for wedding cakes.


1. Fresh Fruit - These days many brides are opting to ditch the flowers in favor of berries and other elaborately cut fruits. A skilled cake decorator is able to arrange and display cut fruits just as artistically as some of the most detailed sugar or fondant work. Many fresh fruit cakes layer fruit on the tiers or have cascades of fruit swooping down the sides of the cake.

A fresh fruit cake is also an excellent alternative if you know some of your guests are calorie conscious or have gluten allergies. Even if they don't eat the cake, at least they can enjoy some of the yummy toppings!


2. Butter Cream - Fondant was all the rage because of the clean sophisticated lines it created, however the texture and taste didn't always hit the mark with every bride (or her guests)! Now butter cream is making its come back! With the ability for either a smooth, satiny finish or a piped texture, butter cream frosting is still visually appealing and many brides prefer the taste and texture.


3. Cupcakes (or Individual Cakes) - Make couples are opting for a different style of cake that's not really a cake at all! Cupcakes and individual cakes are making a big splash in the wedding world.

Artfully arranged, cupcakes can be tiered to have the look of a wedding cake while offering you more flexability and choice. Can't choice from 8 different flavors of cake? Have a mix of flavored cupcakes! The sky is the limit with style as well, since every cupcake (or tier of cupcakes) can have a different decorative style. Cupcakes or individual cakes are also the perfect project for the DIY bride! Family and friends can all contribute to your wedding cake - making it a truly personal touch to your reception! Just remember to plan ahead when opting for cupcakes and individual cakes. If you still want to do a traditional cake cutting make sure to have at least a small round cake for yourself.


4. Black & White - From classic to contemporary, black and white is making a big impact on the wedding cakes of 2010. Elaborate scroll work, damask designs, and ribbon borders are the hip new trends. Simply black and white can be quite minimalist and modern, or decorative floral work and piping in vintage and lace patterns make for a classical and romantic cake. With the timeless elegance of the black and white combination it is easy to make this trend work with any style wedding reception.


While trends are ever changing, these hip new styles provide you with many options to add your own personal flare to your wedding cake. And don't forget the proverbial "icing on the cake" by selecting from a number of wedding cake toppers to add that extra special touch!


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