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There is no need to be showered with birthday gifts when you have birthday cakes that’s the largest the world has ever seen. Surely, you have seen some rather hefty birthday cakes in your day, but there are some rather noticeable ones that deserve some attention. When I looked at these cakes, I couldn’t comprehend how baking these were even possible. It goes to show you that with sheer willpower, the impossible becomes very probable. Discovering some facts behind these towers of pastry will grant you a better appreciation with the baking industry.

One of the biggest recorded birthday cakes in history was found in the “1962 Seattle World’s Fair”. The cake itself was actually quite pleasing to the eye. It was highly decorated by having the Seattle skyline, congressional badges and candles adorned on its massive layers.

On top of the cake stood Paul Bunyan for his 128th birthday. He towered over the intricately designed vistas of the great state of Washington. The cake was decorated by Edison Technical School and was baked by Van De Kamp’s Holland Dutch Bakers in Seattle, Washington. It stood a total of 23 feet in height and weighed over a total of 25,000 pounds. The icing was made out of pure cane sugar and it weighed 4,000 pounds in itself. The cake itself was shaped like a hexagon (bearing 6 sides) and it had a radius of 60 feet. The recipes included; 7,000 lbs of raisins, 1,500 lbs of eggs, 2,200 lbs of pecans, and 10,500 lbs of flour. Yes, this is the greatest birthday present Paul Bunyan could ever ask for.

Of course, when it comes to birthdays, there’s no place in the world that knows how to celebrate than the people of Las Vegas. In 2005, the city of Las Vegas celebrated its 100th birthday in a very lavish way. This gargantuan cake was drove in from North Carolina by eight semi-trucks. The trucks were hauling 30,000 half sheet cakes along with about 40,000 pounds of icing. Approximately 1,000 volunteers from all over the city met the trucks at the Cashman Center and began; unloading, stacking and frosting the cake on the very early morning hours of May 15, 2005. It took a total of 14 hours to complete the project which ultimately created a 130,000 pound cake in the center of the Cashman Center. The task was supervised under the direction of Sara Lee Foods President John Flood along with Sara Lee Executive Chef Brian Averna. This cake is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records.

These cakes are definitely something to inspire to. Of course, I don’t recommend trying breaking the current record yourself for your own birthday. That will be a back-breaking task that’ll go beyond my wildest imaginations. The tradition of giving birthday gifts and birthday cakes has been around for centuries and trying to break the mold is always something that’s entertaining to see. With birthday cakes that are outrageous like these, it will put a whole new spin on birthday celebrations.

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