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One of the keys to baking a quality cake is having a properly prepped oven. Even the best tasting cake batter can be ruined by an over that is set incorrectly. The following simple steps can help you bake a delicious cake to perfection.

Preheat. Allow plenty of time for your oven to heat before starting to bake your cake. Generally 10-15 minutes is enough time for an oven to reach baking temperature. Follow the recommended temperature listed for your specific recipe.

Double Check the Temperature. An oven may be heated to a different temperature than what the setting indicates and sometimes be off by as much as 75 degrees F. Buy an oven thermometer and check it prior to using the oven to make sure that it has reached the proper temperature.

Adjust Oven Rack. Position your oven rack as close to the center of the oven as possible, and place the baking pan in the center of the rack to help ensure even baking throughout the cake.

Use a Shiny Baking Pan. Metal pans reflect heat and so are best for oven baking.

This prevents the cake from baking unevenly, which could lead to burned edges and an underdone center. If you decide to use glass instead, decrease the recommended baking temperature by 25 degrees F.

Check Before Removing. Check to see if your cake is done before taking it out of the oven. Insert a wooden toothpick (a piece of raw spaghetti works well too) into the center of the cake and make sure it comes out clean. Another indicator that your cake is done is that the sides of the cake should have shrunk away from the sides of the baking pan.


Following these oven preparation tips consistently can help ensure that your cakes bake thoroughly and evenly every time, saving you from frustrating failed baking attempts and wasted time and money.

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