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Christmas is the most anticipated time of the years where we can share and rejoice for the promise of God to give us the savior where we also give our faith a lift and celebrate by the same way and that is giving. Also Christmas is the time for desserts where we can share some sweet taste of love with desserts. As we spend the holidays, we can sure figure out ways to make some fun Christmas dessert recipes for you to share with everyone.

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Let's start with the traditional fruit cake. It's easy to make as well as you can give a twist to it like putting up some citrus zest or adding another layer of frosting to make it more delicious. Also choosing the fruits that you put in like instead of candied or dried fruits, try putting some dried berries o some vanilla beans to it to make it different kind of traditional fruit cake.

Cookies are most favored to have when Christmas.

Try to reinvent your usual cookies with some citrus zest whether it would be lemon, lime, or orange you surely would get those cookies awaken your senses and a perfect match to your hot or cold drinks.

Mousse is another way to show off some skill and bring more delight on your desserts on Christmas. Chocolate mousse as a standard can even more be special when added some chocolate chips or melted chocolate to fill your taste buds with a special Christmas spirit that is worth to share and enjoy.

Spend your sweet Christmas holiday with fun Christmas dessert recipes for that sweet and more delightful Christmas with your loved ones and the ones who needs love. Spread the love by sharing to really get the spirit working and consuming us to do good for everyone. Have the sweetest and the merriest Christmas!!!

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