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People with sweet teeth love to eat cakes. Today we will discuss you about some different type of cakes which are called crab cakes. These cakes are a local favorite of the US and are extremely popular in regions located along the Gulf Coast, along the Pacific Ocean and along the coast of North California. These cakes are among the most popular of all the seafood recipes in the US.

We will share the procedure of preparing the crab cakes with those who are interested to learn about new seafood recipes. The basic ingredients for the cakes include crab meat, bread crumbs and eggs. That will be enough to make the cakes. But to make them delicious you need to add finely chopped yellow onions, red and green peppers, mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce (if you like).

Mix these ingredients together.

If you feel that the mixture has become dry (due to the bread crumbs) then you can add some milk or an egg. Now comes the turn to make small cakes with the help of your hands. The size of these cakes varies greatly. The size of the cakes depends upon the number of persons you are serving and whether you want the cakes to be part of starters or the main meal.

When it comes to crab meat, usually any crab meat would do. However connoisseurs often argue that if you are planning to make crab cakes, it has to be the meat of the blue crabs. According to the seafood lovers, the meat of the blue crabs are test the best. It will work wonder if the cakes are stuffed with exciting fillers. The restaurants however tend to deviate when it comes to seafood recipes. Most of the restaurants try to stay away from stuffing these cakes with fillers. They feel that the dinners must be acquainted to the original flavors of authentic crab meat.

These cakes test best when they are deep fried. Although it may sound unhygienic, it’s the best way to take a bite into these yummy cakes. In order to keep the crispiness of these cakes intact, it is advisable to keep these cakes in the refrigerator for about half an hour. This will ensure crispiness and at the same time will make sure that the shape of the cakes remains intact.

So now that you have your crab cakes get hold of some other seafood recipes, some bottles of beer and have an enjoyable time with your near friends and family.



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