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Do you usually get food cravings for the things that you dont always have in the house?

For instance, in the middle of the night, you wake up and you want to eat chocolate cake. What do you do? You can make some but to make one will take too much work. You can go out and buy some but most likely the store is closed during this hour.

What I suggest doing is whip yourself up a mug of chocolate cake. Yes, a mug of cake.

I found this recipe on how to make Cake in a Mug using only the microwave. Thats right. With microwave, you can prepare food that you love instantly. Therefore, it is the best solution for any cravings youre going to have and maybe even a remedy to the monthly cramps that we experience.

So listed below are the ingredients to make a cake in a mug.

2 table spoon of Self Raising flour
2 table spoon of castor sugar
1 table spoon of dark cocoa
1 tablle spoon of coffee powder
1 egg
1 table spoon of milk
1 table spoon of sunflower oil
If you want to, you can add chocolate buttons.

Right off the bat, you may see some ingredients that seem unfamiliar to you. For example, SR Flour or self-raising flour is something that I really dont have a stock of. If you have the same problem, heres a tip. To replace SR Flour, you can just use regular flour with some baking powder. You just add 3tsp. of baking powder for every 8 oz. of regular flour. In this case, considering that 2 tbsp. = 1oz., youre going to need 2tbsp. of regular flour and 3/8 tsp. of baking powder.

For castor sugar, you can use regular granulated sugar and run it through the food processor. If you have confectioners sugar, that could work as well.

For sunflower oil, you can use canola oil or even olive oil as a substitute.

Alright, lets go on to the actual procedure. The website did not offer to much instruction although, they did have a video but personally, I like looking at written words for recipes so, heres my take on the recipe.

1.Get a mug, preferably one thats not too tall but on the wide side.
2.Put the SR flour (or regular flour and baking powder), sugar, cocoa and coffee powder into the mug and mix it thoroughly.
3.Add the eggs in and mix it all together with a fork.
4. in oil and milk and mix it all very well.
5.Add in some chocolate buttons. (I replaced this with a regular, plain chocolate bar and it worked pretty much the same way.)
6.Place in the microwave on full power for 2 minutes.
7.Leave to cool for one minute.

Sorted food recommends eating this topped with cream or ice cream but you can pretty much put whatever you want on top.

So, there you go! Eat this as a midnight snack, a pick me up or as a desert, either way, its the perfect desert than you can whip up and enjoy within minutes. See how convenient is it to have a microwave at home?

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